Parkinson's Is
being diagnosed at 23.
feeling like a burden.
my hallucinations.
the electrodes in my brain.
our life. Together we can stop it.
Parkinson's is what happens when brain cells that produce dopamine start to die. There is no cure. Yet.
people every hour are diagnosed with Parkinson's
of people with Parkinson's have faced harassment and discrimination
Shaun, a young and heavily tattooed man with Parkinson's, site on his bed, facing away from the camera

Parkinson's is...

Genna, looking directly at the camera

Genna has 2 kids. And a busy job. And Parkinson's.

Dr Beckie Port sits across from Carroll, a woman with Parkinson's - text says 'Technology and Parkinson's Research'

What are we doing to end Parkinson's?

Be part of the breakthroughs

There is currently no cure for Parkinson's but it doesn’t need to stay that way.
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