Parkinson's Is
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Meet Drew. He’s married with two kids, loves playing guitar, and always used to see the bright side of life.

Now, he’s not so sure. He doesn’t know what the future holds or if the things he loves doing will be taken from him.

Why? Because Drew has Parkinson’s.

I feel like I’m letting my wife down and for some reason, I feel guilty - like I can’t be the person she married. I do worry about the future - I want to be able to walk my daughter down the aisle when I’m older but am I going to be walking then? Am I going to be in a wheelchair? I don’t know.

Extremely - it’s really tough not knowing how long I’ll be able to work. All I want to do is work. I want to support my family. And I enjoy working - I don’t want to sit around and do nothing.

Petrified. I hate it. I sometimes don’t like thinking about it. When I think that I have about 50 years to go and every day is already a struggle, it’s scary. You start thinking you don’t want this life anymore. That’s a mental battle I have to face.

Parkinson's is what happens when brain cells that produce dopamine start to die. It gets worse over time, and there’s no cure. Yet.
people every hour are diagnosed with Parkinson's

Your mum, partner, best mate or colleague - anyone can get Parkinson’s.

It has over 40 symptoms, from tremor and pain to depression and anxiety - and the drugs available can have serious side effects.

But Parkinson’s UK is relentlessly chasing down a cure. We’re getting closer every day. And until then, we’ll be there for everyone affected by Parkinson’s. 

We're not your typical charity. We’re a movement, powered by people who won’t ignore injustice. We can all take a stand, speak out, chip in, and do something to beat Parkinson’s.

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When Drew tells us how much he's struggling, even with his medication, we know one thing:

Current treatments for Parkinson’s aren’t good enough. 

That’s why we’re taking a radical new approach to research. It’s speedier, more agile, and means we only invest in the best ideas. 

We won’t rest until people like Drew aren’t worried about playing with their kids or walking them down the aisle when they’re older. 

We’re leading the way to better treatments. We know that major breakthroughs are close. 

Together, we’ll find a cure.

Take a stand.

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