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Status report and FAQ

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ezinda Parkinson's UK
Status report and FAQ

This topic is for updating everyone on progress with reported forum issues. We've closed the topic to commenting so this remains a resource key information does not get lost. If you need to report an issue, please start another topic or write to us at [email protected].


How to report a problem posting

Read Sarah B's post on the kind of information she needs to investigate problems posting. to address these problems, we really need to have detail from you when this happens.

We understand your frustration, especially after you’ve taken the time to draft a long post and it's disappeared. But comments like ‘I’ve lost a post and I’m really angry’ don’t give us the detail we need to help you.

Again, please write to us at [email protected] letting us know as much detail as possible about what happened (this could include what device you were using, what browser you were using, how long you had been typing, what you pressed, etc.)
I know that this sounds a bit of a pain but it is the only way that we can really get to the bottom of what is happening and make real change.

Losing posts - possible causes

Some people have reported 'lost' or 'vanishing' posts that disappear after pressing the 'Post' button. There are several reasons this can happen. Here are a few common causes and tips to avoid the issue:

Keyboard lag and letters not registering

This may be a problem with the spell-as-you-type feature. Here's how to fix it. 

Problems copying and pasting text into forum

This may have to do with the browser that you're using. See the results of Sarah B's investigation on this.

Blog with computer tips

This blog shares details about how to slow down your mouse and double click speeds, and turn on bounce keys, which helps control the number of key strokes you make.

How we moderate and handle spam

Forum moderation is done throughout the day and night and during weekends and holidays. This is done by people and is not automated.  We have measures in place to deal with different types of spam. But if you see spam, please report it. Read a recent topic for more information.

Auto log out

You will be automatically logged out after 2 hours of inactivity on the site. If you have several tabs open, and you log back in on one of them, if you then refresh the other tabs (or log back in on any of them), you will be returned to the page you were previously viewing.  

Unable to edit community profile or avatar image

This was a bug that made part of the user profile and avatar image disappear after edits were made, preventing further changes.  This has now been resolved and is working as expected.

Outstanding issues

Issue Status
Problems with forum member search Being investigated
Problems with sending private messages

Being investigated

Unable to edit community profile or avatar image Resolved
Slow loading of web pages / error messages Resolved

Issues for the community to discuss further

  • How can we make the forum a more welcoming place?
  • Are there more private forums we want to consider?
  • For what time period should we be able to edit posts? Is it possible/desireable to allow editing at any point?
  • Should we have volunteer forum moderators 

Updated 10 May 2016