Tips for managing mild memory and thinking problems with Parkinson’s

Cognitive problems can happen as part of the normal ageing process, but can also affect some people with Parkinson’s.

People with Parkinson’s, and experts on the condition, give their advice on what might help.

Use visual prompts

Having calendars, clocks, noticeboards and notices around your home may help jog your memory and provide helpful reminders.

You may find it helps to keep a list of things to do. You can see what you have achieved as you tick off each task.

Keep a routine and organisation

Being as organised as possible may help you stay focused and keep stress to a minimum. Avoiding change in your daily routine - as best as you can - may also be helpful.

Make a memory basket

A ‘memory basket’, will help you to keep your keys, wallet and glasses all in one place. You can create a rule where you keep your key belongings in one place.

Use a medication dispenser

Medication dispensers and pill timers can be useful to help remind you when to take your medication. It’s important to take them at the times advised by your specialist or Parkinson’s nurse. Pill dispensers and timers are available from the Parkinson’s UK shop.

Set reminders to yourself

Some people find it helpful to use the alarm or reminder setting on their mobile phone. These can be used to remind you to take your medication and attend appointments.

Keep your mind active

It’s important to keep your mind as active as possible. Try some mental stimulation, such as doing crosswords or sudoku.