Overcoming weight loss in Parkinson's

If you have Parkinson’s, you might find that keeping your weight up can be a problem. We spoke to John, who cared for his mum and dad who both had Parkinson's, and shares 4 top tips for how he managed his parents' weight loss.

Mum enjoyed porridge with full cream milk for a tasty, nutritious breakfast as well as milkshakes

Try using full cream milk instead of semi-skimmed with cereals and in tea and coffee.

Add full cream, butter or yoghurt to everyday, balanced dishes

 Avoid filling up on junk to increase weight gain.

As Parkinson’s progresses you can becomes less mobile. With mum I was always told to do whatever we could to keep her weight up wherever possible and try to adapt her diet to do so. This was particularly because she had difficulty eating and was eating less food than she needed. 

Buy fortified milk or juice drinks

These are helpful because they have added nutrients in them. This means they are an easy way of maintaining a balanced diet.

Use eating tools that help to get the food to the mouth that makes eating easier and more enjoyable

There are a number of options including cutlery with easy-grip handles or mugs that you can hold on both sides. You can buy a range of equipment to help with eating on our Parkinson’s UK shop

Read and download our full information on diet and Parkinson’s and eating, swallowing and saliva control.