Vehicle adaptations and exemptions

If you have Parkinson's there are things you can do to make driving easier and safer.

You may also be eligible for certain exemptions and benefits.


There are many different types of vehicle adaptation available for disabled drivers to help with getting around. For further advice contact a mobility centre.

We recommend that you have an assessment at a driving centre before you have any adaptations fitted to your car.

Motability Scheme

Motability is an independent company, which exists to help keep disabled drivers on the road.

The Motability Scheme enables disabled people to obtain a new car, powered wheelchair or scooter by exchanging one of the following:

Mobility centres and driving assessments

Mobility centres provide information and advice on driving for any person with a disability who uses a car, as a driver or a passenger.

They also offer assessments on your ability to drive.

Information and advice is free, but centres charge for assessments and tuition.

There are a number of mobility centres in the UK. These vary in size and the services they offer.

The Blue Badge scheme and priority parking

The Blue Badge scheme enables people who have certain disabilities to park closer to the shops and services they need.

The details vary from one local authority to another and change from time to time.

Ask your council for details of those rights, and check their website regularly for any changes.

The badge is issued to a person – not a specific vehicle – and can be awarded to someone who is a driver or a passenger in any vehicle.

For more details on who qualifies and how to apply for the Blue Badge scheme:

Information for Blue Badge assessors (England)

We have produced guidance for the Blue Badge departments across England.

This is in response to people with Parkinson's telling us about the difficulties they have had with the Blue Badge process.

The guidance for Blue Badge assessors aims to educate them about Parkinson's so they have a better understanding of the condition when making a decision.

It has already been sent to all the Blue Badge departments in England but people affected by Parkinson's can also resend it alongside their application form.

Car tax exemption

If you get the higher rate mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA), the enhanced rate of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) or a War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement you don't have to pay for a vehicle licence.

Find out more about

It is also possible to apply for vehicle tax exemption. This involves applying to tax your vehicle in the disabled tax class.