Tahira's story - caring for Ashiq

“He was my partner, my husband and that’s what it’s all about, no matter what condition you have.”

Tahira on caring for her husband

"As I was the main carer, I needed someone to talk to, and I didn't get that. One day the doctor said 'How are you today?' For the first time I felt human because somebody actually asked how I was."

Tahira's children on being young Parkinson's carers

"He couldn't have a bath by himself so I had to be there to help him out...he was just our dad, we looked after him like he would look after us. It was just normal for us, a day-to-day thing."

Emma Lawton by the river

How do other people cope with Parkinson's?

People with Parkinson's and their friends and family share how they cope with the condition, and their tips for taking back control.

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