Social care and coronavirus (COVID-19)

Accessing social care may be different or difficult during the coronavirus crisis, but we’ve put together some information to help you get the support you need.

If you’re struggling with care needs, it can be helpful to get external support and to do this before things become unmanageable or reach a crisis. You can contact your local authority (health and social care trust in Northern Ireland) for an assessment.

New procedures are in place to make care support as safe as possible during the coronavirus crisis - for home care visits and for care home settings. Your best first step, and quickest way to get answers to your questions, is to raise any concerns directly with your agency/provider or with the care home.

It can be very difficult to reinstate care packages, so we encourage you to speak to your care provider rather than simply cancelling your existing care support.

If you need any further information and support, you can call our helpline.


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Social care and coronavirus

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Care Adviser Ian Adams talks about getting the support you need from care providers.

Helpline and local advisers

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