Shamsa's story - diagnosed at 28

"I feel like I don't fit the stereotypical picture of Parkinson's, even though it is my reality, and I want to challenge perceptions of what it is to have Parkinson's.

"Parkinson's is like a kaleidoscope and there's different colours and different shapes and sizes of people within it."

Meet Shamsa, a young mum who was diagnosed with Parkinson's aged 28. Shamsa talks about love, life, family and Parkinson's in these 6 short videos.

Episode 1: Catch the wind

"I don't fit the stereotypical picture of Parkinson's, even though it is my reality."

Episode 2: Religion and Parkinson's

"Parkinson's is hard enough without beating yourself up, without you being your own worst critic."

Episode 3: Becoming mum

"Just because I've got Parkinson's, that doesn't mean that she shouldn't have a sibling."

Episode 4: I wanted my husband to divorce me

"I met him and we had instant chemistry. It sounds so cliched but you know when you've met the one."

Episode 5: Being a teacher with Parkinson's

"Trying to control 25, 26 hormonal adolescents in a confined space is flipping hard."

Episode 6: How does Parkinson's affect a marriage?

"I think it puts a strain on a marriage, definitely. Because if one person gets ill, then the other person has to pick up the slack. You have to sink or swim."

Parkinson's UK supporters at Municipal Buildings, Pontypridd and Rhondda

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