Sajid's story

When teams at Parkinson's UK are looking for the input of people affected by Parkinson's, our Involvement Panel is everyone's first port of call.

Sajid explains what's involved with being a member of our Involvement Panel - and the difference his valuable contribution makes.

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Influencing Parkinson's UK's work

"I decided to join the Involvement Panel because although I'm an active member of my local branch, I wanted to influence the work of Parkinson's UK as a whole.

"I wanted to use my experiences as a person with Parkinson's to make sure the charity is doing work that has the biggest benefit for people with the condition.

"We get sent opportunities from the Involvement team by email, and we can choose which ones we want to get involved with depending on our interests and our availability. Previous opportunities have included helping to redesign the homepage of the website and reviewing the new self-management programme workbook.

Sharing experiences

"Lots of things can be done from home by email but the Panel sometimes meets in person. I really enjoy being able to meet other people with Parkinson's to share our experiences.

"I came into the office to share my story with Parkinson's UK staff. I spoke about my experience of diagnosis, how the condition has impacted on my life and the steps I take to cope day to day.

"It was important for me to speak to staff because I wanted them to know the realities of living with Parkinson's and the impact it's had on my and my family's life. It had excellent feedback from the people who attended."

Ways to volunteer

Our volunteers do amazing things. From helping at our events to supporting our research, they're improving the lives of everyone affected by Parkinson's.