Paul's story - drawing with Parkinson's

"It's a perfect way to say I've been there, I was with you, it was a great time."

Paul was a full-time clown when he was diagnosed with Parkinson's at 45.

2 and a half years after his diagnosis, he had to give it up.

But during a course of cognitive behavioural therapy, he found a new passion: drawing.

Paul found that writing was hard work with Parkinson's, but drawing cartoons was much easier.

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Paul on drawing with Parkinson's

"What I realised is that if I allow myself the whole space, just to start drawing from any point, I can actually enjoy what movement I have without worrying what it is or where I'm going."

In this video Paul shares his experience of drawing with Parkinson's.

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Paul on living alone with Parkinson's

"If I want some assistance I will ask for it. We tend to think we have to do it all for ourselves - and that doesn't make sense."

In this video Paul shares his experience of living alone with Parkinson's.

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How do other people cope with Parkinson's?

People with Parkinson's and their friends and family share how they cope with the condition, and their tips for taking back control.

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