Nicola's story

Nicola explains the difference she made by being part of Parkinson's UK's Editorial Board and influencing the content in our magazine.

"I particularly
liked being
a guest
editor for
an issue of

The Parkinson membership magazine is co-produced by people affected by Parkinson's and Parkinson's UK staff. This means that whatever you see in the magazine has had the input of people affected by the condition.

We believe this produces a higher quality magazine that's more interesting for its target audience.

Nicola was a member of the The Parkinson Editorial Board for 3 years.

Helping people in the same position

"I took part in the Editorial Board meetings for The Parkinson magazine. Having Parkinson's myself I wanted to find out more about the work that Parkinson's UK does and also to help other people in the same position as me if I could.

"The Board meets 4 times a year before each issue is published. It's made up of editorial staff and other people affected by Parkinson's.

"We go through the draft version of the magazine together and decide on the content, if things need changing and so on. There's also the opportunity to make suggestions for future issues.

"I particularly liked being a guest editor for an issue of The Parkinson - this gave me the opportunity to understand more about what's involved with putting the magazine together."

Get involved

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