Louisa's story - what a cure would mean to me and my sons

"My philosophy on life these days is every day's a best knickers day - because you just don't know what's round the corner, so you have to have a positive attitude about it."

"The best present ever"

"Finding a cure for Parkinson's would be the best present ever. Christmas, birthday, Easter, Hanukkah and Diwali - all rolled into one.

"Funding is crucial because we need to find a cure and we also need to know whether or not Parkinson's is genetic.

"I have 4 beautiful sons and the thought that I might pass Parkinson's down to them worries me every day.

"If there was a cure, it would change my life completely. I'd have a big party to start with. Then I'd get back on my bike and go dancing again. It would be a huge weight off my mind.

Not having to worry about Parkinson's progression

"The worst thing about Parkinson's is that it's progressive. That's the most rotten thing about it - you never know how long before it will start to get worse. It's always there in the background.

"My Parkinson's has plateaued at the moment, although of late I have noticed changes in the way the condition presents itself.

"It's like living with a time bomb. I know it will eventually go to the next level.

"Not having to worry about its progression and just enjoying the time spent with my partner and boys, doing the normal things in life, would be great."


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Louisa on asking her sons to help with her Parkinson's

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"I just have to look at my sons and I say 'I need some help today boys' and they'll be there. They have to do it - you know, I'm not superwoman!"

Watch our short video to hear about Louisa's experience of asking her sons for help.

Joe - "I would get my mum back"

Louisa's son Joe explains what a cure would mean to him:

"Finding a cure for Parkinson's would mean the world to not only my mum but all of our family. I would get my mum back.

"We used to do loads of stuff together, like going on our bikes every weekend just to spend some time together, but now my mum can't do all this with me.

"Please help us find a cure so other children like me can get their family members back."


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Louisa's sons on having a mum with Parkinson's

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"I think it's made me a bit more aware of what I'm doing. Cooking, cleaning, helping out, you know the little things help. If you can do your best and help out, you know there's nothing more you can give."

Watch our short video to hear from Louisa's sons on having a mum with Parkinson's.

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