Kris's story - family and relationships

"I love them very much and they love me back and that's wonderful."

Kris was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2004.

He moved from Berkshire to Essex in 2008, but when he first arrived, he didn't know many people besides his daughter and son-in-law.

Below he talks about how he's fitted in his new town, his relationship with his daughter and grandchildren - and the prospect of a new relationship.

Kris on moving closer to his family

"There was a little bit of readjustment required. I was really down for a couple of days until I went to see the children and I got an emotional boost. It was wonderful."

Emma Lawton by the river

How do other people cope with Parkinson's?

People with Parkinson's and their friends and family share how they cope with the condition, and their tips for taking back control.

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