The Information Standard

The Information Standard is a quality mark supported by NHS England that helps people to choose reliable health and social care information.

We've held the Standard since 2010 for our information and we are regularly assessed to ensure it continues to meet the guidelines.

How does The Information Standard improve our information

The Information Standard helps us make sure that we:

  • provide clear, accessible information for everyone affected by Parkinson's
  • help people with Parkinson's make informed decisions about how they manage their condition
  • assure people with Parkinson's, their families, friends and carers, as well as health and social care professionals, that our information is up to date and evidence-based through regular reviews and updates


Parkinson's UK shall hold responsibility for the accuracy of information they publish and neither the scheme operator nor the scheme owner shall have any responsibility whatsoever for cost losses or direct or indirect damages or costs arising from inaccuracy of information or omissions in information published on the website on behalf of Parkinson's UK.