Emma's story - diagnosed at 29

"Parkinson's makes me driven, it makes me passionate about what I do."

Emma on starting new relationships with Parkinson's

"I think I was pretty forward in the early days - he teases me quite a lot about it!"

Emma on writing a book about Parkinson's

"There's been some dark moments but there's been some moments of complete light and stupidness among them. I wanted to write it down for me to look back on and laugh at later."

Emma on starting an art business

"Parkinson's makes me driven. It makes me a bit more creative, it makes me passionate about what I do. Making something with your hands, especially as someone who has difficulty in that area, you just feel that sense of achievement."

Emma on telling her work about her Parkinson's

"They were very cool about it, very supportive. If you say 'this is what I need from you now, this is what I need in the future' that sets people's minds at rest. They know what's expected of them."

Being the Story

Watch Emma talk at the 2016 Being the Story event about how her life changed after her diagnosis and the amazing people who have helped her along the way.

How do other people cope with Parkinson's?

People with Parkinson's and their friends and family share how they cope with the condition, and their tips for taking back control.

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