Caz's story - eating, speaking and sewing with Parkinson's

"It's my job to make myself and other people feel better."

Caz finds sewing and making clothes and bags helps her take control of her Parkinson's.

She makes lots of gifts - and she donates all her profits to Parkinson's UK.

Watch her talk about her work - and other aspects of her life with Parkinson's - below.

Making gifts

"It's not professional, it's not the best stitching in the world, but I like to think somebody's got something in return for helping us, for supporting us...My reward for it is that I'm feeling better making it."

Eating with Parkinson's

"My granddaughter says I make the best pancakes ever. It's one of the things that's easy for me to make - whizz it up in a jug, throw it in the air. I don't need both hands to be in control all the time."

Speaking with Parkinson's

"It's never a dull moment with Caz on - we don't have too many embarrassing silences!"

Parkinson's now vs 2 years ago

"I know who I am now - I didn't know who I was then because I was scared. But as the years go by you feel different."

Parkinson's UK supporters at Municipal Buildings, Pontypridd and Rhondda

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