Beat Panic

Beat Panic uses soothing colours and positive mantras to help calm and control panic attacks.

It helps you to regulate your breathing and gives you something to focus on besides your panic attack.

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  • 100% found it easy to use.

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Beat Panic is available for iOS devices.

Use this app to calm your mind before a panic attack kicks in. If you're aware of your triggers, you could build this app into your coping strategy.
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David, diagnosed 2015

"Recently I've experienced panic attacks on an almost a daily basis. They can last from a few minutes to an hour or more. They're usually accompanied by palpitations and shortness of breath. My usual approach is to lie down and relax, breathing as deeply as I can until the feelings subside.

"Beat Panic is a very simple app. Its purpose is to help you deal with a panic attack or with anxiety. Opening the app immediately starts the programme, which consists of a number of screens in soothing pastel colours and meditation style mantras.

"The key to this app is simplicity. There's no background music or animation to distract you while you use it, and therefore no indication to anyone around you that you're doing anything but looking at your phone."
David, who has Parkinson's

"It starts with a suggestion to begin breathing deeply, counting down the breaths with each screen change. This is followed by a series of screens explaining what happens during a panic attack, together with positive messages designed to calm you down.

"The messages continue to change every few seconds until the end of the programme. If you haven't recovered from your attack at this point, you can repeat the programme."

Antony, diagnosed 2015

"My panic attacks vary in their scale and frequency. They range from mild palpitations and breathing challenges on a daily basis, to full blown attacks, fainting and right arm convulsions. They tend to build to a crescendo over time.

"Beat Panic helps me to centre and focus on something other than my panic attacks, but it also reminds me that I am potentially experiencing the beginnings of an episode."

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Accessibility 8
Development plan 3
Clinical safety N/A
Indicators of effectiveness 7
Interoperability N/A
Privacy and confidentiality N/A 
Regulatory approval  9
Security  10
Technical stability 10
Usability 8

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Beat Panic is a simple concept well executed – to help a user through an anxiety or panic attack with reassuring messages aided by calming visuals. 

Placing an economic value on alleviating panic attacks is challenging, if not meaningless. However, there is substantial excellent user feedback to support the view that this app is very effective at alleviating such attacks. Given its price of £0.99, the most significant cost of finding out if it's good for you is likely to be your time. 

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  • Application: Beat Panic
  • Version: 1.1
  • Platform: iOS
  • Handset/Hardware: iPhone 5S
  • Assessment date: 05/02/2018