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More and more people are being diagnosed with Parkinson’s. In fact, it’s the fastest growing neurological condition in the world. And everyone’s experience is different. We want to be there for everyone, from day one. So, we’re transforming Parkinson’s support.

Parkinson's Connect is the future of Parkinson's support. It’s a pioneering new approach, that's building on 50 years of experience. It's the right information and support. In the right way. For everyone. From day one. Whatever your connection to Parkinson’s.

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Why is personalised support needed?

Getting the right information and advice can make a vital difference to life with Parkinson's. Currently we help around 50,000 people a year through our information and support services. But this is less than 20% of people affected by Parkinson's. We want to be there to support everyone who needs us.

Parkinson's Connect will allow us to scale up our information and support to be there for everyone. From diagnosis and throughout their lives.

It's an evolution of the trusted and much-needed services we already offer. People will always be able to access our local adviser service, helpline, local support and activities, and expert health information.

But it's innovative new technologies and methods of support too. Like working with the NHS so newly diagnosed people can get the right information and support from day one. And an online account for people who want one. And check-in calls for people who need them.

The Frank and Evelyn Brake Connect Fund

We are incredibly grateful to the Frank and Evelyn Brake Connect Fund for their amazing support and generosity in helping fund Parkinson’s Connect. The fund pledged to match the first £100,000 of gifts to the appeal. Which meant donors' gifts had their impact doubled. 

Thanks to the kindness of amazing supporters like you, we hit our target, raising over £200,000 for the service in autumn 2021. But there is still so much we still want to achieve and a donation from you can help make that happen. 

Together we can deliver support that is truly tailored to the needs of people with Parkinson's and the people who love and care for them.

What is Parkinson’s Connect?

Parkinson’s Connect is our free, comprehensive new support service. It brings together everything you need to live better with Parkinson’s.