Elisabeth's story - how volunteering can boost your CV

"I've learned so much, so many different skills that I couldn't get from anywhere else." 

Biomedical sciences student Elisabeth has gained lots of useful skills and experience from her time as a science media volunteer at Parkinson's UK.

Watch her talk about her experiences as a volunteer below.

Hands-on experience

"No one in my family has Parkinson's, but I think that made meeting people with Parkinson's more interesting."

Watch our short video to hear about Elizabeth's experience of volunteering.

Find a volunteer role for you

From raising awareness of Parkinson's to running a local group, there are so many ways you can volunteer. Join us today!

Suzanne's story - the importance of volunteering

"Volunteers are the human face of the charity. Their experience of living with Parkinson's is invaluable."

Elaine's story - volunteering with Parkinson's

"Just because you've got Parkinson's you don’t need to be sitting at home doing nothing. Give it a go. You'll get a lot back."