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attendance allowance

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attendance allowance

Hello, I have just joined the forum, hoping to learn from and share with others.  My mother has Parkinson's. I am sure I will have other topics as time goes on. For now I have been looking into what financial and other assistance she might be eligible for. I would be interested to hear if anyone has had experience of successfully applying for attendance allowance, where they or the person they applied for doesn't have a carer. I thought from reading the guidelines it was one of the eligibility criteria, but apparently not. Shes not yet at the stage of needing a carer, but definitely could do with a few things /help to make life easier, and financial help to do this. 

Island Mike

Hi Sun-light,

It doesn’t sound like your mother qualifies for Attendance Allowance, if she doesn’t require care at the moment. If you look at eligibility, you get a broad idea on the criteria:

If she needs help dressing, and needs supervision or help preparing food for safety reasons, then you might just have a chance. Otherwise don’t bother.

if she is on low income, grants are available to help with adapting bathrooms, or fitting stairlifts. This is through the local council, so it’s a bit of a lottery these days.