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The Paradox Club

The Paradox Club

A haven for Time Travellers who have stories to tell. I can now reveal Jules has been selected by a yet unknown Time Traveller to save not only the world but existence itself. He is pivotal to if oblivion is to be vanquished. Jules watched the man walk around the corner passing him seemingly with no interest. He had a curious thought that this man looked familiar just like a teacher from long ago. Mr Smith had talked of possibilities and paradoxes with a mad glint in his eye Yet his insanity was compelling and opened doors in Jules mind despite having talked about past, present, future  as though they were tangled Christmas.Tree lights. |Jules thought back and words came unbidden his mind.

"Listen to the clocks!" he was commanded and as he listened they sounded strange but how? They sounded almost normal:- Tick,tock but no that wasn't right it was tock tick over and over again.Instinctively he knew this was not his worldit looked like it, but something was wrong here.Despite this he felt calm . a voice in his head told him he was needed here.

Jules awoke in a sweat unsure what his dream meant or if it was a dream. Certain words floated in his mind, including time and help. What did it mean?                                                                                                                                                                            




mike 700

But Jules wasn’t alone - in the next room  something was happening?



...what....when... why.... what’s happened someone  shouted out loud ( but no sound came out ) , I was the last Para out of that thing and I have ended up here with Docs fussing over me - is that what the strange Dalek like voice was asking ?- Para Docs - Para Docs - Para Docs , is he the Para Docs?

But why did it want to know if I was the Para , what had happened after the green light above the open  door came on ?


The green light came on.

Another figure appeared behind the Dalek. "The Captain"| Jules thought but Captain who? Captain Jack Harkness? Captain Jack Sparrow? Captain America? no it was Captain Jon Tremble last of the race of time nerds who  sometimes forgot his own name armed only with his Sonic Screwdriver An ordinary screwdriver with a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog, a limited edition piece of merchandising. The Dalek turns towards him and is suddenly surrounded by priests saying ."confesar nadie espera que la Inquisición Española",hitting the Dalek with dead parrots as they walk strangely around it the Daleks head starts  to spin as steam pours out the humourless creature could never handle an overload of Monty Python. Jules sighs and holds his head in his hands.


Sorry ignore out of sync


The female SOE officer had waved goodbye to the dashing paratroopers as the aircraft lifted upwards under the cover of darkness.

TH did not recognise the uniform she was dressed in but acknowledged the emotion of loss and pride.

What was the mission Jules and Mike had bravely accepted ?  

The machinery and engine capacity was classified as 'Test' , she knew no more.


mike 700

It certainly is a bit of a dilemma thought Mike how do I get people, even the 'almost people' frequenting this story to understand that I don’t know what mission we were on?

He was walking, well limping really, towards the very same town square, where TH had entertaining the St.Trinian ensemble and  their twenty two million friends on Fxxxbook, one foot sporting a somewhat dirty & smelly open sandal, and on the other was a former January Sale 1974, Age Concern flip flop in a sort of azure blue , with a yellowish hue, which was giving off a somewhat unusual aroma, much worse than that from the sandal, or was it coming from the Daks pure new wool and coleslaw, navy blue pinstripe suit jacket ,which was unfortunately showing some signs of wear and the right sleeve was now missing, and anyway, it just didn't really go well with the laddered fishnets partly covering his lower extremities!

Dirty, disheveled, worried, talking to himself, and yet, even without his toupe and false teeth and of course those flimsy uncomfortable Louboutin's which he wore daily before discovering the joys of the local Age Concern emporium, & which had clearly left him with a limp, but he was still better looking than even gorgeous George Clooney and a bit taller - but then isn't everybody' ?

Also, his Para training would stand him in good stead the Docs had said , and his specialisation would clearly be a bonus - there it was again ‘Para Docs ‘ was it code ,was he going mad ,what does it all mean, and how does he convince them that He was..................



safe to be released into the community.


mike 700

Here was the Para wandering around ,  seemingly, aimlessly .

‘Docs ‘ asked TH, ‘was it safe for him to mix , was it an absurd idea to let him out into the community’?

He seemed as if his mind had  been taken over by aliens , but  had it, was it all a clever ploy - how could they be sure with such contradictory opinions of him ?

It mattered not as he disappeared up an alleyway, and into the shadows , again , gone !

Who was he, would they ever find out , would he return - probably not ...........


The Para had seemingly been doing well in the rest and recuperation unit .  His  return from the test flight alone, had caused concern.  The debrief was not successful and the Para  had become guarded and trusted no one.  Where was Jules ?

What had happened ?  Did he know who Docs was ? 

Was it the trauma of watching the dalek being beaten round the head with the dead parrots ?   

TH hoped sincerely that the Para would return, she was not sure what day it was, let alone the year !       What was that noise from the shadows  tap, clunk, tap .............


Even Jules doesn’t know the mission yet but something seems to attempting to destroy time and existence.
To help Jules you must understand time is not physical. It does not operate according to the laws of physics but is more existential. For us time is linear because that is all we can conceive. A beetle does not recognise the existence of time just a rhythm of life as day and night cycle. Our conceptions derive time  and define it according to our own expectations. Time is more than linear it is a multidimensional iinfinite possibility.Those that can conceive of time as a linear but parallel construct can jump between possibilities.  This means there are many ways of exploring time. Those that try to see times full potential generally go mad.
Time travellers are coming under attack and the Dr is caught in a paradox trap the exact nature and being responsible unknown. The Dr is being turned into  a television show . Each incarnation is somehow being convinced they are just an actor. If  this is completed the  Dr will be just a story
Unable to openly explain to Jules what is happening the latest Dr a lady has managed to bring Jules into the story a story that doesn’t confine him as he is not meant to be there. He with help from any of his friend must destroy the illusion before the malevolence behind the scheme comes for other time travellers.

Captain Jack Tremble of the Time Nerds has been drawn into the story from a parallel time exhausted after telepathically sending this message will rest but standby to help.

Island Mike

“Time is just nature’s way of stopping everything from happening at once” said Docs. “It only moves one way”

”Bollards’” said the Dalek

”Oh, aye,” said Docs, “ it’s entropy”

”0h bugger” said the Dalek, who instantly disappeared leaving behind a pile of slightly sticky metallic dust.

Is this to be the fate of time wanderer Jules?