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Stand in silence, two minutes reflection,
Think of your life in stark contrast with theirs.
A soldier’s role, follow call to action,
Another war, the official declares!

World torn apart, poppies to remember,
Sign of respect for those prepared to die.
As years go by, feelings raw and tender,
Under blood-red fields, brave soldiers  still lie.

What reason can there be for more fighting?
Was nothing learned to stop such evil war?
Politicians should spend more time writing,
Control debate with peace at very core!

Wear a poppy, take two minutes to pray,
Those in power, see sense—Armistice Day!



Feet tangled by hops
I stumble humble
A ragtag zig zag
Body sways in wind

Cough of the dead wakes
Broken whistle wheezes
Deathly duets with
Its bronchial cry

Skull traps the answer
Recall out of reach
Kidnapped memories
Muted mind limps along

Am I found guilty?
If so, then for what?
Stomping headache marches
Crown crushed by parade

Stand on seasick legs
In the field I slept
Lay still and silent
Gained no rest or peace

Where are the others?
My comrades fallen?
I touch the furrow
Left by a bullet



Thank you for attempting to provide assurance but i still want to hear "you're fired" Not just in America

Trick or Entreat

Look around
Trump was crowned
Yes a clown
I do frown

Need some goodwill
Mugabe's pill?
Won't pay the bill
Think of his ill.

Russia sells us games
Vlad puts in the shame
Influence it frames
Cyberwar its name

No Western masterplan
Europe out frying pan
Brexit fires scald it's clans
In charge the also rans

Where is sanity?
Lost humanity
Full of vanity
Fools inanity

Murder, terror
Global horror 
Kill an error
No winner there

Look around
War drums sound
Rage rebounds
Fire the clowns



Hi All,

It’s a long, way from May to December,
The wind grows cold as we reach November,
These few precious moments I’ll share with you.
(With due reference to the writer).

Some great poems to start November
Lin, Good to see you kick things off


“I’ll go for a walk” I say to myself
So my friends say they will need to come to,
Parky says “you must not do this”
With  force I reply “Get stuffed, I say to you”.

With trusty sticks, I start my quest
But a well known pal then starts his same old fuss
Says Arthur Ritis, “I can’t  go on”
I ignore him and fire back, with a suitable cuss.

Half way round on my chosen route
Another mate begins to make his pathetic cry
“This hurts” says Artie Fishallnees,
“I’m taking no notice of you” is my quick reply.

Near the end of a determined walk,
I’m feeling quite good in a sort of wearisome way
But Curly Toze says, “I’ve had enough”
“When we get home I’ll straighten you out” I say.

At our front door I at last arrive,
Would you believe? another mate starts to moan
Dickie Hart, starts to flutter and fuss
“We can rest  now” I assure him, in confident tone.

I’m sitting in my new HSL chair,
Well chuffed and enjoying my well earned rest
When Parky says “It’s Me again”
Over the pain, I shout, “sod off, you’re an evil pest”.

Regards to all,
Jules77 (Keep fighting)
And friends, Dickie Hart, Arthur Ritis, Artiie Fishallnees and Curly Toze, say Hi,They know some of you.

PW You certainly are a prolific writer, how do you manage it?
JP and TeeHee, Pods soon ready to go boldly where no human has gone before.



The poems above Trick or Entreat is new but Tanglefoot was written last year and amended slightly. I have more deas than timwe so when I write am usually productive






Tick, Tock tales of my sorrow waiting to be told,

The joy of living, the clock of life suddenly on hold,

For a while a black dog had come to stay,

Horace  warned , he was no ordinary stray.


I foolishly gave him water and  a Bonio,

Unaware darkness and bad smells would follow,

He snarled  and growled dreaming of his master,

Still prisoner in roman times ,leather bound a gladiator.


He really did not appreciate Pedigree Chum,

So I fed him Pukka pies to fill up his tum,

When I reached into that grease laden bag, 

He stopped growling and his tail would wag.


The next morning that black dog had gone,

Horace whispered his work was now done,

Backwards that dog ran, happier in roman times,

A distant bark, the clock of life now chimes.





I need the positive
I energise to live
Myself I will exhort
The good things to report

This something I must do
Assure you not eschew
Reality thats still true
PD I always rue

I understand your plan
Know how distraction can
Be a way, way to cope
I need some other hope

Strong but not just for me
I fight for family
I have daughter 22
Faces fate worse than I do 

Beset with friendly fire
Cartilage immune ire
Joints, eyes ears nose lungs  heart
Attacked byself all these parts

Condtion rare pills few
Struggles more than I do
Damage to heart or lung
May not repair so wrong

Immune system restrain
Infections  have free reign
Yet her strength I admire
Must be Dad she requires

Please don't think that I chide
Respect for you provides
Hope you will understand
My positivity planned


Jules this is a companion piece to Lucky posted last month

Legend of Lucky

Legend of Lucky had begun
Another battle to be won
A repeat of that disastrous assault
Released a ghost from his vault

When his men went over the top
Officer ghost could not be stopped
He charged men followed
Muddy nightmare they wallowed

Enemy saw host led by a demon
Flesh rent nightmare they're dreaming
This time they run screaming
Battle lost his eyes gleaming

Reminder of his humanity
Enemy officer shows insanity
Dares to save his men
Enemy charges the demon

Man has no chance against this ghost
Pain inflicted demon roars in boast
Terror felt but demon pauses
Ignites a memory of a promise

Oracle in demons mind
New purpose he will find
Sees this man has a waiting mother
Enemy has a worried lover

Enemy officer unconscious falls
Ghost on top protects from all
His own promise he did break
Another son he cannot take

Lucky now able to rest in peace
Never seen again found his release
Lived on in all who had seen
Determined courage of that marine


Jules, With friends like these - you've said it. Enjoyed reading.


PW and TH,  Always interesting thanks.



The two of them sit here, in my head, side by side,
Not at all similar, one alive , the other's died.
Two dogs they are, family pets, beautiful both;
To use a bad word against them, I would be loath.

Like little and large, one white and one black,
One dashes around, while t'other lies back,
Enjoying a rest in her comfortable bed,
Stretching out her long legs, now she's been fed.
The short legs,meanwhile, are running about,
Barking at the doorbell while we all shout
To keep the noise down and look on ahead
At the big girl dozing, just like I said.

Never can these lasses walk side by side,
As one gently leads, one pulls against the tide,
Shouting hellos to each dog that she sees,
Walking forever, while big dog on knees.
Both of them do have big brown loving eyes,
That talk to your heart, accompanying sighs,
Especially at times when feeding is due,
When both sit still, and just stare at you.

The two of them sit here, in my head, in my heart,
Good loyal friends forever, who will not depart.
Explorer or keeper, there is always a place
For the loyal and loving, in every which race.


EM   lovely poem x

Jules pleased you back in action, PW too.x