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Last week when I went to grandad's house,
He made me beans on toast,
He knows it is one of my favourite meals,
I think it is the one I like most.
But the dial on grandad's toaster,
Was turned up way too high,
The smoke detector shrieked away,
And grandad gave a sigh.

It looked like he had burnt my toast,
So I offered to fetch some more bread,
Grandad said he didn't need any,
But he would like a knife instead.
He scraped the knife across my toast,
Dropping the burnt crumbs in the bin,
He said the toast was as good as new,
And gave me a great big grin.

Grandad said I looked surprised,
And he asked what mum would do,
If she was making toast,
and burnt the odd slice or two.
I told him that burnt toast doesn't worry mum,
As no matter how black or bad,
She just covers it in butter
And serves it up to dad.


thank you it made me smile 





Hi ho, Silverlining,

An amusing little poem, I like it.

It would be good if it could be put to music and sung by Showaddywaddy.

Who are they? You may well ask.



I saw them under the Moon of Love


Hi JP and SL

Yeh, They took Three Steps to Heaven after that.

Two big philosophical  questions - Why do auto toasters in hotels, etc, never produce decent toast?

Why do Granddads always burn toast? Hold on a minute, I’m a Granddad!




Haha Jules, i like it.

How about a slightly adapted version set to Madness, Baggy Trousers


Last week when i went to grandad's,

He made me some beans on toast.

He knows it is one of my favourites,

In fact its the one i like most.

But the dial on grandad's toaster,

It was turned up way too high.

The smoke detector shrieked away,

And my grandad gave a sigh.

Grandad's toaster, Grandad's toaster, Grandad's toaster


Hi Jon

Thanks for that. Got to admit it made me smile too.


Hi, SL PW, JP,

How about - Madness, Our House?

Granddad waiting for his Sunday best
Grandmas ironing his cleanest vest
Grandson’s trying hard not to burn the toast
Granddaughters helping with the roast
Brother's got a mate to meet he can't hang around
Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, in the middle of our street....

Or the Three Tenors singing, Jeff Beck’s Hi Ho Silver Lining

And it's high ho silver lining, anywhere you go now baby
I see your toast is burning
But I won't make a fuss, though it's obvious.......



I feel an online band coming on.


how about   e    'ello  as  a name  or the itchycoo parkies?

any suggestions?


HI J77 & SL, Here's my attempt. Streetband - Toast (well their effort as I'm too busy making some now).

That's toast, mmm yeah,
Just toast,
That's toast,
Just toast.



Hope you checked your settings JPbig grin