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How do I stop this nightmare

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Hi Juju

Good to hear from you. That sounds like a good start. It can't be easy for you but I still think it's really important for you to tell some one and get help on this difficult journey. I'm sure people you know would be proud you have made this start and want to help. Take care D

elegant fowl


I can only say that the advice from Golden Girl, daffy and others is spot on. A few years ago I was on a high dose of a dopamine agonist and I was out of control. With help from my neuro I weaned myself off the dopamine agonist and replaced it with a slightly higher dose of Sinemet.

Don't blame yourself, don't hate yourself and don't despair. If your experience is anything like mine you will be amazed at the transformation in your thinking when you get rid of the DA. Please do this with help from your neuro or nurse specialist. They can advise you how you should change doesage.

Elegant Fowl


Hi JuJu

I’ve just been reading your story and can only say how sorry I am that you are in this awful situation. It’s bad enough being diagnosed with PD isn’t it, and then on top of everything we have to face, the drugs we are prescribed, make us do the craziest of things! I’m on Premapixole as well and am just about to see my PD nurse and ask her if I can reduce the dosage to stop the compulsive spending, gradually coming off it completely. So, let’s keep in touch and see how we both get on ok? I’m in the same boat, but am determined to do something about it, like you. The sooner we are both off this drug the better our bank balances will be! Don’t despair, you have come to terms with the problem and are facing it head on. Let’s do it together ok?



Hi Bess, although its been a nightmare, it has helped being supported by people who understand on here.  I am taking it day by day and I am starting to reduce the pramapexole again.  I hope I can do it this time.  I don't have a Parkinson's nurse and my GP by his own admission doesn't know much about P.D.  I am hoping to see a new specialist soon as mine retired last December.

It would be good to face this together.  Today is the first day I have not gambled in 11 months.  I have a long way to go.  Thank you so much for the support.


Now that Juju, is a result!!

It may be worth contacting your local hospital, where you’ll be seeing your new consultant. They may be able to zone you into a PD nurse. If not, they may be able to help you find one.

just a thought. They are amazing and so understanding. I’m seeing my golden girl on Thursday to discuss whatever I want and also to start coming off the Pramapexole.

We’ll keep in touch.

elegant fowl

Hi Juju,
that's great news

It could be worth calling the Parkinson's UK helpline. If there is any chance of finding a Parkinson's Nurse near you they will be able to find them. Failing that there are Parkinson's nurses on the helpline team and you can ask for one of them to call you. 




hi everyone just an update.  Went lower than low this week and am moving slower than a tortoise but decided to sell the house and pay off debts that i have so hopefully the burden may feel lighter.  Hope you are all breathing in and out.  Thank you for your support 



Dearest Juju

Are you doing this alone?

If you are coming off the DAs you need to do it under medical supervision and build up Sinemet slowly to replace it until it is completely replaced.

The withdrawal symptoms can be very hard to cope with.

My husband did it as an in-patient for a month.

PLEASE get help from your neuro, GP, Parkinson's nurse..... the PDUK helpline...

The Citizens advice bureau can help with debt counselling.

I hope I am wrong and you are getting help.....this is too hard to go it alone.

You deserve help and support.....please demand it, none of this is your fault. The drugs are to blame, turning you to a drug-crazed gambler...come back to us.








Hi juju

Good to hear from you again. As GG says I do hope you are getting support &not doing this all alone. Take care D


hello we have now spoken and thank you all for supporting the nicest person in the world 

we will get through this

hubby dave