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I realise I'm a bit early for Halloween, but I'll post this anyway.

Halloween, Halloween,
Witches ride the sky,
But on the street, it’s trick or treat,
Fill bags and buckets high.
Send out your precious children
In to the cold, dark night,
Knock on the doors of strangers,
Give the elderly a nasty fright.
Teach them manners you think useful
In this day and age
And if they don’t get what they want,
Revenge can then engage.
Eggs thrown at the window,
A garden gate removed,
Stealing extra chocolates,
What are they trying to prove?
Keep them in at Halloween
Protect them from all ill,
Play a game or read a book,
Practise being still!
Oh yes I’m a party pooper,
But trick or treat I hate,
Those were my chocolates stolen,
Along with garden gate!
Halloween is for the dead,
A night when spirits fly.
Not playtime for precious children
When ghosts fill a cold, black sky.


A good read Lin

Daily Drama

The mornings borrowed glory

Wakens day, dark discharged by dawn

Life revealed it's auspices auditioned

For Mother Natures Theatre


Script of epic variety

Dialogue dances drama enamours

Creations cast celebrates

Plot directed with infinite extra's

Yet as performance peaks

Solar shine reaches full passion

Turning to hug the afternoon

Until evening's encores embrace


Curtains fall, signalling exodus

Light audience spills through exits

Dispersing to dream as doors closed

Night-time theatres repose


Enjoyed your poems- and both so different- Lin and PW. Thank you.


Ingleborough, so near yet far,
You stand and wait,
But now too late
For me to reach your peak; a star
You are, lighting for me the way,
The path to take
For my own sake,
The road to fulfilment each day.

Ingleborough, and sisters two,
I see you here,
Like family dear,
Inside my head, beautiful view.
I open my eyes, just to see
Picture of you
Hidden now too
In part by clouds - beckoning me.



Halloween, night of the dead,

Don't be scared and hide under your bed.

As should we fail in scaring the ghouls away,

Forever in your home they will play.


Creative Corner, it's time to party !

Lot's of chocolates and chewy toffee,

Here comes Jules dressed as the devil,

With him ghouls will not meddle.


Elle Macs dress could not get much higher,

And Lin glows like a funeral pyre,

Footsteps tap long into the night,

Those ghosts are going to get such a fright.


PoeticWarrior is dressed in black with sharp white fangs,

Gazing up at a moonlit tree,  where Tee Hee hangs,

Shrieks of laughter escape from their lips,

Here comes  Idj all tartan, zips and whips.


Ghouls and Ghosts fly off into the night,

Gone for a year to return on a Ryan air flight,

expensive wines and malt whisky flow,

Dawn approaches, time to go.











TeeHee. Fandabadozy, if that is how it is spelt. Your poem is so funny. You should be writing comedies! EM X


Thanks, EM  enjoy reading poetry on here and good to contribute. I am working on my next poem entitled  "Watching a  slug, while I dine in the bath tub". xx



A slug!

A slug I yelled while in the nude 

Pardon me don't mean to be rude 

Was ready to get in the bathtub

A slug was there that is the nub


A slug with a slimey trail

Slid into my ablution tale

I was not armed with any slug pellits

So "get out" to him I did tell it


Not stopping to apologise

Squelched out before my eyes

Gone was the gasttropod

I had a bath on my tod


Brilliant, love a good giggle. x




A slug encroached upon my tub

As I was about to go glub, glub

I didn't intend to share my bath

So I quickly armed myself with staff

To guide it to the plughole down

Turn on the taps and maybe drown?

But would it go through the rounded hold

So knife in hand  being very bold

I scooped it up in toilet paper rolled

Down the pan and round the bend

'Fraid he came to a watery end! 



Had a good laugh at these poems.


In our bath you'll find no slug,
Nor insect, beast or any bug,
For on the wall right there you'll see
One great big black scary sentry,
Always there, morn, noon or night,
After giving me such a fright,
As on the wall by my side there,
Next to the bath, appeared this spider.

I was soaking in frothy bubbles,
Relaxing after all my trouble
Climbing over the high bath side,
While being careful not to slide.
Then I opened my eyes to see,
On the wall right next to me,
This great big spider, our sentry.
Did I jump up so fast and flee?

How I did it I do not know,
But when needs must, you somehow go.
He's still there, on wall, sometimes rug,
Our spider watchman, not a slug.