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the Pokermid

Love is Demanding


Love is uneasy when facing a test,
Jealously burning deep inside your breast.
Love turns to hatred when arguments rise,
Those wonderful folk we come to despise.

What is so different the first time you met,
Lovely warm feelings you’ll never forget.
Why do we stumble and let our love go,
We should develop and let that love grow.

Lust and libido are raised at the fore,
Then comes the longing and heartache galore.
Absence of body and mind turns the soul,
“does she still love me?” I’ll need to cajole.

What beautiful sounds my heart used to strum,
Now its in torment and beats like a drum.
Anxious and wanton in pathetic dream,
Our love on cloud nine has burst in extreme.

“What is the answer?” to hold on to love,
Respect and honour will fit in that glove.
Truthful and binding to your sacred oath,
Time and attention will add to that growth.

Love is demanding and needs lots of care,
Good times and bad times are things you should share.
Soul mates and lovers are sometimes untrue,
“is marriage guidance for someone like YOU?”

Pokermid winkbig grin