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Wibble My Wobble!

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the Pokermid
Wibble My Wobble!

Wibble my Wobble or Waggle my Whoo,
Blabber together and Blither Yahoo.
Critters and Crabbers will Crouble along,
That’s where the Ziggers and Zaggers belong

This a story, a fantasy tale.
Made up by poker, a poet and male.
Start to imagine and use all your thought,
Forget all logic and reason that’s taught.

Lets start pretending and enjoy ourselves,
These are my notions that came from some elves.
Cast of your clothing as one with the earth,
Then begin laughing in excited mirth.

Look in the mirror and tell what you see,
Are you a Zigger or Zagger like me?
If it’s the former, its too late for you,
If it’s the latter, then Hoo-Goo-Ca-Choo!!

Do you go Critting? Is Crabbers your game?
Need lots of Wonga right next to your name.
Dilly or dally, you have to decide
Jump in the deep end and take the next ride.

You like to blabber and mix with my toes,
Don’t hurt those Rabbits that Ann Summers knows!
Ramp-ant in latex and covered in bumps,
Tickle your fancy or your sugar lumps.

Wiggle and Wobble are 2R’s dear friends
Lightens the Buttress with tingles it sends.
Blither and Yahoo and Crouble with joy,
Who needs to buy one and maybe employ?

Close both your eyelids and drift on the clouds,
Taken to heaven on white silken shrouds.
Forget the PD and pain that it brings,
Turn up the power and hark how it sings.

Pokermid cool