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I Won

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the Pokermid
I Won

If only I could still play! I wrote this in 2009


Today I played golf, but not very well
I hooked all the balls, my partner will tell
My driving was poor, sometimes out of sight
The fairways were slim, the greens wouldn’t bite

Long game or short play, no matter of which
My irons were rusty, my putter a twitch
In woods and in fields my topflight did go
It was quite windy, I should have kept low
We hired a buggy of battery power
A good job we did, it started to shower

The last green was here , I looked at my line
A forty foot putt, or fifty was mine
I hit the ball firm and followed it through
It went in the hole, expletives they flew!!!!!

They had to pay the whole bar bill! ha ha