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As dusk falls on my August garden,
It brings sadness, another summer done.
In the gloom, ragged shapes take over,
Plants lean askew, exhausted by hot sun.

Steady pots filled with vibrant flowers,
Spikes of green stretching wide and tall,
Will soon be thrown upon the bonfire,
As the last few autumn fruits fall.

September will paint the world with colour,
An artist’s palette, October can’t sustain.
Leaves tumble one after the other,
And heavy clouds supply the rain.

Into darkness, I peer out of the window,
See reflected the cosy light behind.
Turn away and close the heavy curtains,
Unfinished knitting, it may be time to find!

the Pokermid

Hi Linsey.....long time no speak. I hope you're keeping well? Its quite obvious that your poetry is! We didn't call you the 'Queen of Verse' for nothing and that still stands.

Find that unfinished knitting and make me a bobble hat......even a Tigers one!

Nice poem for the Sept start! big grin


A lovely poem, Lin A great start to September. x


Spooky Pokermid, posted at same time ...

the Pokermid



Neural receptors are losing their way,
Parkinsons people are having to pay.
Substantia nigra falls into decay,
Black barren neurons are out on display.

Why is the Dopa-mine leaving our brain,
Express expulsion with speed of a train.
When eighty percent has dwindled away,
Developing P D is what Neuros say.

Testing is easy to pick out this pox,
Walking the hallway sometimes in your socks.
Shuffle and swagger your way down the aisle,
Give it some rhythm and show them some style.

All that equipment that we go inside,
Scanners and coffins, so many we tried.
Put on your tracksuit and don’t wear a watch,
No movement allowed or photos will botch.

Look at this picture that shows off your brain,
Clouded with dark spots and mealy like grain.
Could be a blood clot from bash on the head,
Or is it butter that fell from some bread.

Are they just dying because of our genes,
Or are they dormant with no power means.
Maybe a jump start will stir them to life,
Or could a surgeon awake with his knife.

Could the Mucuna be planted inside,
Slowly releasing a dose we decide.
Acting as agent like that of a patch,
Without the itching or need for a scratch.

Hand out the Sinny or blue agonist,
Requip or Permax are top of the list.
Maybe a blocker of Beta design,
Stopping your tremors and shakes down the line.

Leva and Dopa are powerful meds,
Making us rigid like boards from our beds.
Stiffness and masking imprison our bones,
Tightens the muscles and sets eyes like stones.

Fumble your fingers and twiddle your thumbs,
Shiver your lumbar and waggle your bums.
Fiddle with buttons and grapple with belts,
Putting your shoes on with horn surely helps.

You open the door and cant let it go,
Froze to the handle and all in slo-mo.
Typing some letters takes such a long time,
Missing the square keys along every line.

Eating your dinner will embarrass some,
Wife cuts my meat up, but not like my mum.
Scooping my peas up with ladle or spoon,
Helps me to finish not later but soon.

These are the trials that befall us all,
Don’t let them conquer or Parkies will fall.
Grinding your molars will strengthen your mind,
Snarl like a wolf and leave pity behind.



Another good 'un, particularly liked the last line.


Have you been to visit Hull, (City of Culture 2017) yet?


I thought you wanted a Notts Forest???) hat. I'm afraid my hands don't work that well these days. Two stitches on to six stitches dropped!!

Freedom Festival 2017

As streets of Hull resound with noise tonight
Share your laughter, with strangers, as with friends.
Shout out freedom is everybody’s right
Be happy when good feelings have no end.
But what does this freedom noise really mean?
Are we remembering slaves of long ago?
Or is that old lady, seldom seen,
Your neighbour, who you hardly even know?
Freedom can be counted in legs of speed,
They have choice, to go where and when they please.
Poor and needy, depend, so take good heed,
Help them to enjoy more events like these.
Spare a thought for people left at home,
Their freedom lost, through no fault of their own.


Blimey you two, poet juices overflowing !  its going to be a good month. x


Night Night x

the Pokermid

You're correct about Forest Lin. But I think I could wear one of your infamous Tigers hats!big grin