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Parkinsons People

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the Pokermid
Parkinsons People


Parkinson’s forum is coming to town,
Showing our symptoms and making folk frown.
What are they up to? The shaky old fools.
Watching us boozing and fall off our stools!

Like little children in sweet candy store,
Release emotions like never before.
Do we embarrass? Do we give a damn?
Not on your Nelly! Just slam in the lamb!

Happy to be here and making new friends,
Forgetting quarrels and setting new trends.
Forming a unit of trustworthy mates,
Let’s book this venue for all future dates.

What is for dinner? We don’t want the pea’s,
Give us the menu and make it quick, please!
We’ll have the chicken but only the breast,
Parkies and carers but **** all the rest.

Plenty of Gateau or profiteroles,
Covered in ice cream and washed down with Bols.
Cheese and some biscuits with grapes on the side,
Decant the Ruby but leave the bromide.

Stir me a cock.tail with Dutch Advocaat,
Shaken Martini or New York Sidecar.
Take some Drambouie and mix it with Bells,
Turning it Rusty like nails! And it tells!

Where’s the casino? Can I have a bet?
Down in the lobby! Its not open yet.
Hell and damnation, I’m after a fix!
Maybe I’ll show you some clever card tricks!

This is a party, so lets have some fun,
Torment the waiters and then watch ‘em run!
Order some bottles of vintage champagne,
Then do a runner! I jest! What a shame!!

Dancing and jigging well into the night,
Guests in the hallways are getting a fright.
Can you imagine the looks on their face,
Doing the Konga but at a snails pace!

Wake up to breakfast and talk of last night,
Pissed as a Parrot and wanting a fight.
Tongue like a desert, so arid and dry,
“Who bought that Bolly?” Me? Sit down and cry!

So ends the first night. A new breaking dawn,
Tested the water with new pals. Fresh born
Lets hope this weekend runs perfectly smooth,
Mystery Moider should fit in that groove!

Where is Miss Marple? Or Hercule Poirot?
Who killed the Colonel? And where did they go?
Was it Miss Scarlet? Or Professor Plum?
These are the questions. Don’t sit on your BUM!!!!!!!

Take up the Gauntlet and book up next May,
Sign on the dotted and don’t you delay.
Our get together might improve our lives,
Lets make them happy! Our Husbands and Wives!!!!!



O YES. !!! big grin AM THERE


Hi Pokermid 

Another masterpiece. 

How do you do it?

More , more . .,  ,, ,   .



Like it - a lot.


Brilliant !! 

the Pokermid

Thank you peeps but this meet up already took place in Stratford-upon-Avon back in 2008/2009 courtesy of PDUK or PDS as it was called then. Very nice it was too!

It would be nice to have another one but we need a mega-organiser to get it on!

Step up know who you are!


Your sense of humour is wonderful  - if we can laugh at ourselves it makes life a little easier

the Pokermid

You have to laugh to keep our sanity! Glad you enjoyed it big grin

Glasgow girl

Really enjoyed reading. Well done you.

the Pokermid

Thank you Gg....It brought a lot of memories back for me big grin