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Letters from the future

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Letters from the future

To Lin and all on Creative Corner

Letter writing is fun, therapeutic and rewarding. I wonder what form letters (messages) from a long time in the future  would be like. Here’s a stab what they might be.

A letter from ten thousand years on (the interim).

You would not recognise me now. For I am that which is yet to be. Minds still anthropomorphic yet bodies in essence hermaphroditic but capable of transfiguration. There are now no males or females just entities of complexion and constant change, the same, all of us, yet of infinite variety and intricacy.

There is no reproduction in your way, the old way. Sexual contact, yes, but in concepts of totality of a more complex union. Pleasure but no conception. It’s metamorphosis unnecessary.

For this body, biogenetically enhanced, DNA modified, will last with regeneration, probably two or three hundred years. No matter for I will not die. Merely lose this shell for rebirth.

Yes cloning is normal as is merger. For I am the product of many regenerations. My memory, enhanced by modification, is stored externally to my brain. All that has been is there for me to access. A near infinite number of pasts available to untwine and to consider, to scrutinise. The evolution that has taken place is not now through eons of natural selection but by scientific and philosophical purpose and by accorded manipulation. In itself a creation process?

We are many, yet few. For we combine the history and lifeblood of the lost generations and amalgamate with all. Yet we are still embryonic, tiny infants on a path to the universe.

Most of us left your planet in the rush of exploration heralded by new discoveries, new paths in time and space and travel within them. We are spread far and wide throughout our galaxy, carrying the exploration of our forefathers to new heights and beginnings.

Life on Earth continues. It becomes more irrelevant, for we have developed ways of leaving our bodies and spreading outwards, independent of the needs of flesh and substance.

Where will it all lead to we know not yet. Strongly we see that amalgamation becomes more important. The combining of minds and memories becomes ever stronger. The geometric progression of thought merger will mean more freedom. Not, as so many feared, less.

We travel back through the reaches of time. Tap all that has gone before and all that has ever been. The energy is too important to ignore. We will merge with all that has been. Give back its consciousness and collective whole, yet each its individual essence.

Soon we all will be one. A million years, a billion of your years, matters not for what is time but a pathway through infinity. Join us soon!

A letter from a billion years on.

I sit here, on this planet called Earth. I take no form of man or woman for that is of the long gone past. So to sit is a thought a way. A gesture maybe?

Your planet is dying and your sun near nova. Soon it will be the last perfect day. Then leave in an instant, to be somewhere else. I will wait for it and feel the sadness yet the glory.

We that are one need no planets. They are for the developing, the embryos of the universe.Then reflect. For I am part of all that has been and will ever be. I need not the imprisonment of this body mantle I wait in.

Yet somehow it brings the thoughts of millions of eons in the past. That in which our race unfolded, developed and moved on. Although your Earth is ancient, the Universe is still young. Embracing all its life forms.We are the building blocks of the continuing creation.

How pleasant it is to be here; absorbing, remembering. There are a few other beings descended from human form here also.There is no need for communication for we are all one. Us few who have made this near instant journey to our old planet share the experience with all that is and has ever been. Only animals and basic life forms now strut the earth. Long gone the continents and oceans of my universal childhood.

It gives me contentment to sit and reflect. To reflect on the myriads that have been on this planet before the great change, the human move outwards into the greater universe. It’s metamorphosis and amalgamation into one, never omnipotent but growing and searching into infinity.

The misery and suffering of a million eons has gone. We did conquer the stars but at what cost? Where is all that we exterminated on a billion planets? Gone for good or in its own way part of the creation process? Is amalgamation just the privilege of the conscious being?

From the womb of the mother I was born. When? Who knows, except it was then the past, as is now.Yet time future and time past merge, there is a blur. For my mother and father are me. The entire human race is one. A creative force so large as to be all embracing.

When my ancestors, all of us, our descendants died, we waited not in sleep, in nothing. As there was no element of consciousness, no element of time, a billion years was as a microsecond. We awoke within the merger, the amalgamation. Yet moving in it as a conscious single entity.

We were never, in a sense, individuals. Merely small branches of a universal tree.The collective memory of humanity nurtured and retained.

I sit and wait then will move on. Time is of no consequence it is merely a carrier of our universal consciousness.

July 2017.






Dear Jules 77,


You have described your life wherever you are, a billion years hence. It is a vivid description, but still I cannot see it in my head. Perhaps I do not want to see it, in case it is true. It sounds to me a bit like what we would presently call some kind of afterlife. However, it is not a very enticing afterlife. Everyone is part of it, but there are no individuals; everyone is waiting and thinking, but for what. Jules, how do you manage, after being a free thinking person in this our present world? I know our world, planet earth, is far from perfect, but I'm afraid I would fear visiting you where you are. What's the weather like?


Please write again soon with the Future news. 



the Pokermid

I'd steer clear of reading Asimov, Wells, Orwell and Verne if I were you Jules (quite apt that name btw)!

I think they've done every scenario there is! Why not try some Barbara Cartland? 

Only kidding old matey! Good luck for the future! eekwink


Dear Jules,
You certainly see the future in a very imaginative way and express yourself in writing incredibly well. However, there is nothing for me in the future you see. I think that all of EM’s comments would apply to me too.
I prefer history. I like to know where I’ve come from and who my family are and where I fit in. I like to find out the names of people I was related to, what they looked like, what jobs they did, etc.
My dad came from a big family, he was the last of ten so I have quite a few relatives to research. And also lots of stories to tell.
It was suggested that one of my relatives a couple of generations back had Parkinson’s.
As to the future, at the moment, the present is bad enough and I don’t want to think ahead. I have a picture in my head how it will be and I don’t like it and I don’t want to tap into the pessimistic side of my imagination.
All the shenanigans lately between North Korea and the USA have me quaking in my boots. Our leaders all seem to be ineffective, uninspiring and just plain stupid. I have no grandchildren, although I expect there will be some eventually, and the world they will grow up in will be 1 million miles from where I came from. I think I’ve lived in the best times. I was certainly a teacher in the best times.
Thank you for taking part in this letter writing ‘thing’ I explained to you the other day. I think it is a thing people are not really interested in so I might knock it on the head, even though I love receiving and writing letters. I'm having a bad time with Parkinson's at the moment, so don't feel very enthusiastic about anything.


Dear Lin and all,


I am not from creative corner, I live in Derbyshire but I will write a letter nevertheless.

I am worn out and even just 9yrs into my journey get at times  thinking about whether its all worth it, this constant attempt at  being positive, trying to be what I call "the before me" .

Then I read a post it talked about the idiot that is me and of acceptance.  I then thought in terms of the "After" me.

Ok, so not like in the slimfast advert  where the before and after pictures are aimed at weight loss but a happier me just trying to be happy being me, as I am now.

I look at the sunshine blazing through the window  and vow I am not going to think further than today, as I dare not lose such a precious  day.  I will not give up my day to the dark clouds that are  chasing me.

If there are only so many days to be out and about, lets give ourselves that time to be enjoyed. It's tougher to do when your journey is many years on, but we are still chugging along.

I get frustrated by research not  being quick enough or even targeted on projects I can get my head around.  I want a cure now and envy the mice that show improvements in their pd symptoms, if I get a pet mouse at least I know it has a better prognosis than me.

On a lighter note my mum wanted to show some empathy and this is a bit of an alien concept for her so she does not always get it right.  

Talking about research my mum mentioned using valves from a pigs heart in heart surgery and wondered if any piggy parts would be useful in pd, !, Well maybe, but mum I do not want to spend the rest of my life running around a wood looking for truffles.....

TH x


Dear Jules, 

I will keep a copy of your letter close by, I found it calming and soothing.

It was like (in my own interpretation, not necessarily  what you intended) leaving a relationship.  In order to accept the loss of someone, not to mourn for that person, you have to acknowledge their faults.

The more faults you find that they were selfish, unkind the happier you are to be  on your own.  Maybe it's the same with life as we live now, not all it's cracked up to be, in a global sense.  Pollution, terrorists, war and pain.  Not so hard to leave, when you think about it in those terms and I will.

For the moment I will seek out as much fun and enjoyment as I can. I will be that innocent child who does not yet realise what the future holds or have any idea of how cruel humankind  can be.  

I will stop reading newspapers and listening to the news, I want life to be as lovely as it can be with my head buried in the sand, but only in the global sense.

There is time yet, I feel until I meet my future, but it seems so peaceful, so full of sparkly stars, outstanding views with a sense of contentment that I am no longer afraid.


Thankyou Jules 77



Hi all

Messages from the future,

My posting was not intended to be controversial, merely thought provoking. It had, I sincerely hope, no religious or quasi-religious connotations. It was not necessarily something I believe in myself, simply a stab at how this crazy, complicated and beautiful thing called the human race may develop if it survives at all. Call it a bit of Sci-Fi.

PokerMid: I find Barbara Cartland far too intellectual for my meagre brain. My “Letters from the future” was more based on writers such as Issac Asimov (Mankind and Mother Earth, from the “Foundation” series) Arthur C Clarke’s “Childhood’s End” and works by Poul Andersson and many more who explore the far distant future.

ElleMac: It wasn’t necessarily meant to be me writing from the future merely someone. Like you I really can only project possibilities. We are however, in my humble view, on the brink of step change. Micro-biology, Human genome research, cybernetics, Robotics and Neuro-science are moving at a pace. Where it will all end? I like many can only project possibilities. The way Trump and Kim are going at each other, the human will be extinct and intelligent meerkats will gradually evolve.
Love your poetry and your style.

Lin and TeeHee: I have to stop for a while as my brain juice is running out an the dreaded enemy is mounting an assault. Lin, Don’t pack up what you do so well. Thank you for what you said TeeHee it was sweet and humbling. Will reply to you both soon from the very near future.



Hi Lin. Just to add that your imagination shines through in your prose (letters) as well as your poetry (including knickers). So don’t think of packing it in. Sometimes when this bloody disease gets to me I feel like doing a Captain Oates and stepping out and saying “I may be gone for some time” you may sometimes feel the same but we never do.
I saw a quote in the i today it said “It's through creating not possessing that life is revealed”     
All you wonderful poets on this forum are creators. Showing humour, seriousness stoicism, philosophy and humanity.

On your point about merger and you like history, the geonomical progression backwards of our ancestors would mean by 1066 we would have a hundred billion ancestors, which is clearly impossible. Modern DNA research indicates conclusively, as an example, every single person in this country can trace an ancestral line back to Charlemagne 1st and 95% to William the Conquerer. How is that for Merger?

TeeHee, Keep up the fight, your strength and beautiful mind show through. By the way I lived in Derbyshire for 30 years from the age of seventeen.


Should read "geometrical progression".






Jules are you saying I am gòod at maths and hear  voices ?(russell crowe)  but I do believe you are  one of few who understand my humour.

My favourite poet apart from those on creative corner of course,  is Emily Bronte, so much insight despite youth  and comparable isolation. 

Perhaps it is the passion and feeling in her words, that I love. There are times when I believe it is preferable to disagree, share that honesty rather than agree to keep the peace, then lose that persons trust forever.

Jules 77 I hope you have a truly peaceful evening with your lovely wife.




Dear Jules

I would really like to keep up the poetry writing but haven't got an idea in my head at the moment! Therefore, seeing as I must have written a thousand poems or more, I'll post some of my oldies!

What sort of a day are you having? Parky- wise, I have to say, I'm OK so far today but all that can change in a matter of seconds. Perhaps I should keep my mouth shut!