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JUNE 2017

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JUNE 2017

The month of June leaps over garden gate,
As May makes haste in leaving through back door.
It seems to me these months refuse to wait,
With no farewells, sweep out and seen no more.
Slow down, slow down, let’s have more time to note,
Each season’s course, with promises they hold.
Watch falling leaves from branches gently float,
Or petals on a rose slowly unfold.
Let each moment linger and enjoy it,
Show the world that they can do the same.
Facing problems dulls a lively spirit,
Relax and rest. Think! You are not to blame.
Please stop this year colliding with the next,
Savour this month, as well as all the rest!


I'm being considered for DBS.

They want to drill a hole in my head.

And, as you can well imagine,

The thought of it files me with dread.


To be perfectly honest I haven't much choice,

I have reached the end of the road.

While not exactly cause to rejoice,

Must be brave lest my courage erode.


They want to drill a hole in my head.

But my brain is what makes me me,

The very idea, it fills me with dread,

Will I still a writer of poetry be?


When messengers of Death

on our streets arrive,

we thank our god , whoever,

that we are still alive.

Our problems disappear

before our very eyes,

as drama then unfolds,

with fearful humans' cries.

RIP all innocents,

who lost their lives too soon;

may your home be happy now,

high up above the moon.


Hi EM and that just says it all and in a perfect way.



Amen. Rest in Peace




Hate stalks the streats
Plannning outrage
Cold calculates
Panic and fear

Killing maiming
Stalking victims
Angry evil
With no remorse

Family grieves
For those they lost
Nation at one
Stands together

Will remember
Brave ones faced you
Risked themseves for
Others Safety

And showed kindness
To those in need
Acts of support
Of humanity

Came at a cost
Too many hurt
Memories kept
Of lost and good

Evil I vow
On each new day
The sun will rise
Your names will fade



Keep the faith you have poetry in your soul as well as your brain.

Take care



i don't seem to be able to proof check like I used to. My typing is rubbish. Please accept my apologies because there is at least one mistake that i missed in the poem too late to edit



Hey PW and not getting back into old habits but just to say another poem can be felt like EM and Lin's. Enjoy reading and picking things up slowly.



Hi Christo.

Jon is right. And I believe you will always be you, that we all have something inside that cannot be touched by any circumstance, something too deep.

I really hope the treatment you opt for works well for you, and wish you all the best. EM