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PiP waiting time

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PiP waiting time

Hi all

Last year I transferred from DLA to PiP which resulted in the loss of my car and no care component, I requested a mandatory re consideration but it made no adjustment. This final result was received in July 2016 at this point I had become so dispondent with it I threw it the back of the draw and thought f*** off....sorry but I did and I just could not deal with the stress of it any more.

Anyway I then calmed down and became even more down about the whole process but also thought No this is not right I will attempt to question this decision.

To cut a long tedious story with the superb assistance of my local PD UK support network and assistance from a DWP employee I re applied. Now my paper work needed to be back by February 28th and it is now May 19th and I have heard nothing other than it has been passed to Capita......this seems a long time to me, I have rung and the very short abrupt response I was given by Capita was well you won't have a decision because you haven't had an assessment yet!!! I had hoped beyond hope that with the assistance I had completing the form and supporting letters from PD UK and my PD nurse I might not require another awful face to face. Has anyone waited for sometime to hear.


well good news for me my esa support group renewed for 36 months no face to face required paperwork enough ,and great help from my pdsw again shes a gift filled out forms me ,well i suppose dla to pip next just wait for it hopefully that will go as smooth as esa ,had wetroom & stairlift fitted so this will prove im not getting any better ! i hope   




In my area, ATOS did/handled the Pip paperwork and assessment, i had that at home I think i had to wait around 6 weeks as around the same time another ESA assessment dropped through the door so i had the double wammy, i was already in esa support group, i also think with my failing mind both awards for pip and esa ( support group) again arrived within a few days of eachother, I'm due for rejection again next year( summer)  with Pip i wouldn't be surprised if esa dropped through the letterbox as well.

When i first applied for esa it was nrly a year in assessment phase before i was initially assessed.


Well done Gus, you'd think the penny would drop now?. with them we hope.


cheers sea angler


Hi Newdidit.

I am going through the same awful process at the moment of transferring from DLA to PIP. I also hoped that I wouldn't have to go through the FtoF but unfortunately I hoped in vain. I sent the papers off in February and my assessment was two weeks ago. I have had a copy of the report over the weekend because I rang and asked for it.  I am told it takes about two weeks once they get the report so am hoping to hear next week. Not optimistic because assessor has done his best to downgrade all my daily living activities points so if they take his word rather than mine and my PDNS report I am about to go from enhanced rate DLA to standard rate PIP at a loss I cannot afford. I think the time it takes depends on where you live and how many assessors they have in your area. I wish you luck with it.


Thank you Trish it is possibly the most stressful thing I have ever had to deal with because it just goes on and on. It has been 12 weeks now since Capita received my anytime review application, so apparently the first part of the assessment has been completed and I now need to have a further face to face, this has been booked today for this coming Friday morning. I wonder how long it would have taken if I hadn't rung to go through this whole degrading assessment again to try and justify why I have had Parkinson's for the past 11 years and  why I pretend to feel like **** on a daily basis to the extent that I have finally stopped struggling to go to work just 3 days a week a job that I loved but I no longer have the physical ability to carry out and why I feel like a complete failure and burst into tears every time I tell someone. But hey lets go and see this applicant to see if she does actually fit the eligibility criteria because of course she might well be making all this up......


Oh I know exactly what you mean. I have cried and cried since I had the report and its inaccuracies and implications that I am lying. I too am 11 years diagnosed and really don't need this. I still work a little, no choice as I am on my own. The DLA money meant I could cut my hours down so if they cut it I will struggle. Why don't they realise that given the choice between money or a cure for this disease we would choose the cure every time.


Well assessment completed on Friday just gone, two assessors turned up which I didn't know about. I could have said no they advised but as I had my sister there also it wasn't such an ordeal. I would recommend that you have someone with you as they do pick up on things that you possibly wouldn't, which my sister did as in a couple of questions were asked about three different times in different ways, wether it was because it was the assessors first time I'm not sure but I hadn't really cottoned on to that although my answers were the same each time she assures me. So we await the brown envelope at some point, they did say if I hadn't heard within 8 weeks to ring!!!!! It's been over 12 now so another 8 for goodness sake 


 Well just an update rang to see if report forwarded to DWP and surprise surprise no they don't have it as yet and reported that they are quite lengthy delays in them receiving reports can be up to 6 weeks !!!  Then DWP need to make decision possibly a further 2 weeks. 

Looking back on my application it says if you do not return by February 27th you may lose your right to benefit seems a bit one sided


Clearly I was born 5 months too soon as last July I was instructed that having been diagnosed since Feb 2006 and qualified for DLA since early 2008 for an indefinite time I had to be assessed. The process started and every mechanism to intensify the stress involved has been used. Now almost a year on I have had 2 assessments,one at home and the other in a centre, In both cases errors are plentiful,but we did have a result in so far as whilst I maintained a mobility allowance,I failed to be awarded the care allowance by two points. I then sought a mandatory review which once again failed to consider the errors in the assessment.

Now we are at tribunal stage, date given  with time and place. Documentation all provided ,and we were just on the point of leaving home to attend the 3.00pm appointment when the telephone rings and there is a request for further medical records from my GP. So now I am waiting for a consent form that should have been included in the letter from the Court. I have chased it twice and have been told that it is in the post but 10 days later it has yet to appear.This whole process has been stressful to the point that my wife has been reduced to tears as she feels that our honesty,integrity and the hardworking lives we lived has been totally debased. I think that at this rate I will be in receipt of the first posthumous award made!!


I feel your pain bredbu anger frustration and tears my friend it is an absolute nightmare .....I truly hope you get a successful outcome but it's like at what cost ??? Something some where is fundamentally going very very wrong