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Battle briefing.

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Battle briefing.

Hi all,

I’d like to reintroduce myself as I have not contributed to the Forum for a year.

I’m not far off my 79th birthday. I had this guy called Parkinson call six years ago. He's well known as a persistent entity and in spite of several massive brawls, he wouldn’t go away. So I let him in, then  plotted devious ways of getting rid of him and kick the bastard out. He invariably returned.

So I sought assistance and with the advice of a local Neurologist, who knew the guy well, I started secretly giving him 62.5 mg of Madopar twice daily. At first it bashed him a bit but gradually, as predicted, this Parkinson chap became more persistent. We then fought back with higher doses as his attacks became more sustained.

I called in more troops who recommended various chemical weapons called agonists which I administered as prescribed. Some of them seemed to hold him back briefly but didn’t stop his invasion. In fact in most cases they either boosted the sod’s armoury or even worse joined forces with him to give me other problems.

I’m now poisoning him with 187.5 mg of Madopar five times a day plus 250 mg of Madopar CR at night. Six months ago I brought in additional advisers, who know Parkinson well, One new weapon they have recommended is called Safinamide. It’s expensive and has not really proved effective but   I’m (as my new War Minister suggests) persisting with it for a while, but here on the front line it’s not really stopping the swine. In fact like the agonists the enemy might be using the drug to fight back by bashing me with headaches, eye ache and some increase of distonia.

Parkinson won’t stop the attack or his devious, below the belt methods of fighting. Mentally I am superior to him but he knows all the tricks  of warfare and bombards me with massive switch-offs that often immobilise me, severe, bursts of painful distonia, severe sluggishness (bradykinesia) and akinesia, which makes me shuffle forward on my toes

He has even resorted to new warfare (strictly against the Geneva convention) by inflicting niggles such as making my legs burn, filling my mouth with saliva so I dribble, forcing me to the toilet more often and making my tongue stick out

There is no way I am going to give in and he realises that, but his merciless pursuit is gradually wearing me down. I refuse however to let the enemy take away my mental capacity or my cognitive skills and so far he has failed miserably in this quest.

I hope this field report is useful and informative to all my fellow front line fighters?

Excuse the mild expletives but they help emphasise the anger I sometimes feel about him.



We have much hope when new drugs come along  Sarfinamide was a new avenue we could go down, with all your going through it seems you need another avenue Jules to get back on track


Jules........enjoyed reading your approach to Parkinson's. If we let him get on top of us, then we're doomed. Onwards and upwards, is the way. Although it's hard to stay positive sometimes, when you know there are better drugs out there, but too expensive for the likes of us!!



Pvt Parky reporting for duty Sir. Yes Sir putting the bayonet through my foot was not a good idea Sir...........medic I bring terrible jokes, positive attitude and occasional offensive comments (apologies in advance for future ones) to battle Sir and rations of 14 mg Requip XL, 1 mg Azilect and 1.5mg of clonzemapan. Also wife say's i need to be home for 18.00hrs for tea Sir or dog is getting it Sir, yes Sir i'll shut up Sir.

Medical status: Mobile for combat and fighting daily against protruding tongue and drooling when concentrating (which is a battle itself). Stiff (careful) joints and tight muscles been counteracted by rations. Various other battle ailments and fatigue but subject ready for combat. Recommendations are: See PDNurse 27/03/17 at 13.15 for review and Physiotherapist 28/03/17 at 13.00hrs for advanced warfare techniques. Awaiting confirmation for Psychoanalysis check (priority:V.Urgent). Chief Medical Officer Dr Bones.

Pvt Parky, JP to friends going on first reconnaissance mission Sir. Over and Out


Hey Jules, that is fighting talk and sounds like you are advancing nicely and holding up your own in the battle with the enemy.

A pleasure to meet you Sir and look forward to reading your battle status.

I also have Madopar in my corner taking care of things nicely.

Take care fellow fighter



Another soldier reporting for duty, with the utmost respect.

New in service , not yet as used to battle as you sir , but dug in the trenches by your side.

Keep fighting, but don't forget a bit of well deserved R & R  keeps us all going.





Loving the posts.
Ooops, sorry sir, cadet in training. Not completed course yet but intend to come through with flying colours!


pvt parky reporting back sir. blasted parkies still on attack sir but saw a quiet zone over at parkyD ave.and having fun sir, yes sir fun sir bloody fun.


Good Evening,

My driver took me away from the front for a few hours and when I got back I see all these wonderful rallying calls from the trenches.

Thanks Twinks and SA for your encouraging words. Nice to hear from you again. Thanks to you as well Joanie. Yes it is a battle and we are all on the front line.

Private JohnyParky, I've just heard from our Field Officer that you are promoted to Lance Corporal. This means you can "go over the top" with your men but must wait for the whistle. Your fighting drug regime is certainly interesting and so different to mine.

TeeHee and DivineR, sounds like you will be good troopers and ready for the long fight.

And that's what it's all about, fighting the enemy Parkison, in all his guises.

You can never go on Leave but can take R and R but be vigilant. So  I'm off duty tomorrow. Inspecting troops in Norfolk.I'm hoping Parkinson won't mount any attacks; unlikely, but I'll be ready for the bastard.





 Sgt Jules77 Sir - in barracks awaiting extra reports on forthcoming battles. Will fight alongside all others in trying to beat the enemy, you can count on me.

I would like to commend you Sgt Jules77 on a well written report we can all act upon



Good morning Sir and thank you for promotion to Lance Corporal, Sir. When you said over the top with my men!! Sir are you referring to the Arm Wrestling film with Sylvester Stalllone, no into battle when the whistle blows Sir. What pea Sir.

Well Sir the troops, god bless em will be or getting ready to fight our own battles as a collective unit. As you say the enemy is a crafty Bastard and has a multitude of strategies to attack us. Going to start some new assaults and counter measures myself today Sir. Neglected to use the good old fashioned diet and exercise plans as know the body needs to be as strong as possible in the fight and the meds on the front line need some support Sir.

Hoping to utilise these super foods and working all of body with some assault course basic training to start using the unused muscles Sir. It's a long hard advance this PD battle but one that has to be fought and can tell you this Sir not once from the troops have I heard words Give Up. A fly in your eye Sir get you Sir. Will wipe my nose and will not use sleeve on uniform again Sir.

Lance Corporal JP