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Get involved in Parkinson's research

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ezinda Parkinson's UK
Get involved in Parkinson's research

70 percent of people with Parkinson's want to take part in research


This Friday, 20 May 12noon to 2pm, an expert panel will join us in a live Q&A to answer your questions about getting involved in Parkinson's research. We'll be discussing:

  • How to find out about Parkinson’s research opportunities and get involved
  • What types of research you can participate in
  • What it’s like to participate in a research study
  • The benefits and challenges involved in taking part

You can post your questions here before the day or submit your questions live at

We hope you'll join us. Get more information on the panelists and the event at

Joanne M Parkinson's UK

Hi all,

A reminder that our live Q&A starts at 12noon today! Please do join us and ask your questions using the link above.