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My husband tried to commit suicide yesterday.

He is in hospital recovering.

All the counselling and  help provided over the last 4 years cannot undo the terrible damage caused by the DAs and the effect on our marriage, family and friends.

I am so tired of the long and pointless fight to get the drug companies and neurologists to accept the horror that they created.

I am in despair  .



elegant fowl


I am very sorry to hear that. As you know I have some experience of impulse control issues but I can't imagine how bad it has been for you and your family. You have been tenacious and courageous in sharing your experience and by doing this you have improved life for other people similarly affected. 

I hope you and your husband get the support you need to help you through this.

Love and Support

Elegant Fowl


Thank you for your kind words, EF.

I see GlaxoSmithKline were fined 300 million pounds today in China for bribing hospitals and doctors to prescribe their drugs and award contracts.

They pleaded guilty on condition that the trial was held in secret.

Their chief exec in China was given a suspended prison sentence and deported.

But it only happened in China.

Yes, right!

Fortunately it will only make a small dint in their 7.6 billion pounds a year profit.

My husband is slowly improving in a shambolic hospital which has lost his notes and the prescription I took in and explained in detail.

He is awaiting a head scan to check for damage caused when he fell out of bed, and received his first Sinemet of the day just after noon as pharmacy was busy.

The despair continues.




Hi, GoldenGirl

I am so sorry for your husband's suffering and for the heartache you have had to endure as a consequence.

I wish your husband a quick recovery.



Hello Golden Girl

I'm so sorry to hear this. I know you have gone through hell the last few years.  I do hope that things improve and you get the help that you both deserve. 



Thank you both.

It is a great comfort to come here and know that someone understands and cares.




GG, my heart goes out to you. I know I am often sharp in my comments on this forum, and have often had a slap on the wrists from Admin. as a  result, BUT but this a sincere post.

May you get through this, and your husband recover, and that you get the help that you need to hopefully never be in this position again.

Things are not good here but nothing compared to what you are going through right now. 

Cyber hug.



Group hug!



GG Im not very good with words. I carnt improve on anything that everybody else has posted .

I have been avoiding the forum for three years I was dx in 2010 but your contribution was/has always been of great help 

I am sure you will both come through this because like myself your husband has a wonderful understanding wife 



Thank you for your kind words, Adrian and the support from everyone on here.

It helps so much.

My husband is recovering physically  in hospital and his shambolic care continues.

The ward is mainly for Altzheimers patients. There is a board on the wall in the ward which stated on Friday, "Today is Thursday" which has been changed today to " Today is Saturday". 

Yesterday the nurse in charge asked if the parking was easier " as it always is on a Sunday".

She seemed surprised when I told her it was Saturday.

My husband was visited today by a doctor and 2 mental health nurses.All three told me that they have never heard of impulse control disorders caused by DAs despite much involvement with Parkinson's patients.

They were horrified when I enlightened them.

They thought counselling might help.

If they had read his notes, lost but now found, they would have known he has had 4 years of counselling.

He went for a head scan yesterday and waited ages for a porter to bring him back. He was told he had missed tea.

The man in the bed opposite gave him a sandwich.

I have insisted he is seen by a psychiatrist who understands that an antidepressant needs to be prescribed that doesn't inter-react with Sinemet and Rasagilene as the chemist refused to dispense a prescription for Sertraline a few weeks ago as it could be fatal combined with Rasagilene.

When I told the consultant who prescribed it he refused to offer an alternative as he "didn't know enough about side effects in such patients".

The depression escalated...thus our current situation.

Our Parkinson's nurse is visiting on Wednesday and she is wonderful so advice should be forthcoming.

I would welcome advice from friends on here about antidepressants.

The despair continues...








Hi, Golden Girl,

Thank you for the update, though it sounds like an up-hill struggle for you both.

I really hope the Parkinson's nurse will be able to give you the much needed help and advice.

Do keep us posted. We'll be thinking of you.

Take care.