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Compulsive buying

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Compulsive buying

Has anyone had or have compulsive buying also known as Punding

I have spent a lot of money collecting Pub Mirrors mainly with a whisky theme (this is my main purchasing)

I also purchase Train Sets which i don't open and hide around the house

My latest fancy is toy Police Cars Corgi of course. My wife has asked me to stop buying but i always say No

Has anyone out there had or have the same problem


i would say yes to that was on pramipexole at the start of my parkinsons 7yrs ago.bought lots of stuff on ebay 50" plasma tv.started gambling on internet ,thousands..finally told wife and consultant,pd nurse helped.those were  the bad days dont go there discuss it quickly with gp,pd nurse.


Definitely do not go there. Same thing happened to me 7 years ago, have been to hell and back. Even had to go through bankruptcy and then rebuild my life again.Please, please, please, tell your consultant now , don't hesitate, get help immediately.


hi angel.

thats what i had to do ,bankruptcy its not good !



Thank you for your response seems like you are no strangers to this problem.

my wife now knows about the train sets and cars.

Her response was "lets build the train sets" and don't buy any more until we contact the parkinson's nurse

I thought she would go through the roof,this on top of the mirrors

i am agitated but i will hold on


Its good your wife  knows ,i take it you have explained to her it could be to do with your meds & parkinsons.


As soon as my specialist heard about my spending he was surprised and asked why they had not picked up on it sooner. After talking it over with my Parkinson's nurse he changed the dosage of my pills.

within days i had stopped spending. the sad part, for me, i also stopped writing





Glad to hear you have the spending under control. It is a shame about the writing though.

There may be other drugs that will bring the writing back. I am trying to take advantage of ever skerrick of creativity that comes my way, but it has slowed down to a drip since the cold weather set in and muscle tension increased.

What did the specialist replace the extra dosage with?


can they not put you on different meds,my pd nurse & nero consultant changed my meds when they heard about my spending!


have i got it right changed dosage / not meds ! if so i do not understand,i would go back and tell them that your writing is now affected its not right !


alas creativity and obsessive behaviour are closely linked by excessive neural activity. I have an enormous urge to by guitars which i sublimate into buying picks. much cheaper. i have stopped Writing poems but stiill write stories and plays,though not as obsessively