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all ale to the ale

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ian s
all ale to the ale

hi folks
it has just dawned on me while watching the england match and having a can of lager what will happen when i eventually start taking medsQuestionwill i have to give it up altogther or can i still have a good blow out with the lads on saturday neetSmile i know it sounds trivial but its my only vice the rest of the week i am pure in thought and deed honest i hope and pray i get the right answer yours soberly ian sBig grin


Hi Ian
I had a little chuckle over your post. To answer you I would have to say you that there can be no hard and fast rules on how much alcohol one is able or allowed to imbibe. That is because no one case of PD is the same. As far as I am aware there are no contra-indications between PD meds and alcolhol, but I may need correcting on that point. You may find that the PD won't tolerate alcohol but there again its an individual situation. Sorry I can't be more helpful but in any event i would say enjoy each day as it given to you. There are so many faces to this illness that to look into the future to what awaits us (maybe not!) will surely prematurely strip more from us. I wish you all the best Ian


Hi Ian i have been diagnosed for the past 4 years,Azilect,Neupro+stalevo have not stopped me drinking .I have a Friday night out with the lads each week and social drink during the week no problems.As we are all different why not experiment ,meds a drink at home ,meds a few drinks out.enjoy lifeSmilePoor footie result though!


Hi Ian
My husband also enjoys a few beers (most nights!) and also wine. He started Azilect a few weeks ago and was worried that this might cause a problem. To date he has been fine although he does think that red wine may make his PD worse.
Hope this helps

ian s

thanks for the positive answers martin c and ricktee just what i wanted to hear life would be pretty dull without a few bevvies once in a whileSmile as for the football they lost me a quid had them down to win 3-2 at 40 never mind its one less half on sat neet cheers everybody catch you laterBig grin


Hi I have just recently been diagnosed (week before xmas)saw parkinsons nurse yesterday who also advised no alcohol. I have been prescribed REQUIP. Anyone know if I can drink alcohol with this. I also like a drink on a weekend.


i was only told in november that i had pd, i am on requip, and i have tried drinking and found out that i can have 3 pints, then feel a bit off, so then i have a couple of pints of orange squash, then i can enjoy another pint before i go home, hope this helps , but as people say we are all different, so just try a bit at a time, you will soon find out what suits you, see ya and good luck, take careSmile


Hi Fletch,
I was diagnosed 8 years ago and have had a night-time tot of whisky most nights since then. When changing over to new medication I lay off the drink for 10 days so that I can evaluate the difference the med makes; if all is ok I go back to the nightly tipple. The drugs have included over the years, Sinemet Plus, Sinemet CR, Requip and Requip XL. I haven't had any adverse reaction to any of them. (I'm sure a little of what you fancy does you good!)


hi beefy,fletch.

i'm also on requip 12mg daily,i've found i can only dripnk 3 pints
on a usual saturday night i could easily drink 6-8 pints.SadSad



I have recently started Azilect, and it all seemed fine, but just like Carrot's entry above, I suddenly found it reacted badly with red wine (white still OK!). It made me feel quite 'out of it', so will avoid that for now.


you are right, about white wine,i can drink 3/4 bottle of white wine, which i enjoy as much as a pint, without feeling bad, but i still have a pint of squash after. so we can all have a little tipple can't we , you all take care, see yaLaugh out loud