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Does Parkinsons make you tired'

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John E
Does Parkinsons make you tired'

I can't make out if i'm tired because i've got PD or does this PD makes us tired. What i mean is is being tired a symptom of PD or am i just letting it get to me and telling myself i'm tired.


Hi John. I think it's PD making us tired. Im always tired, no matter what Ive done or how much sleep I get.Are other people the same?


Well I haven't decided whether it's the PD or the medicine. I think the medicine pays a large part as I tend to wake up at midnight and get sleepy after tablets in the morning....but this isn't always the case so who knows. All I know is I could do without it!


Hi everyone i am always tired, not just tired totally exhausted most of the time.!My consultant told me 12 years ago that pd can cause this.Now i have <off>and<on> times. My medication just suddenly stops working and i find any movement difficult and the tiredness just takes over and i have to lie down.It is so hard to explain just how overwhelming the tiredness is, it is as though every ounce of strength just pours out of my body. I now take madopar as a booster if this happens ,helps me to move again but causes uncontrollable jerking which again makes me tired!Cant win really just try to keep smiling SmilesmilerSmile

ali j

john pd makes me tired ,ino i got other issuses to content with that allso make me very tired ,but ino for a fact when i was dx with doing normally things around the house started to take longer as we slow down ,in my head i feel like im going sort of a pace but me baody ant keeping up,so really i spose we wearing out our body clock ,it taking longer to do the jobs hence making us feel more tired.


I hope so! Otherwise I've got something else!

Ask someone without PD to shake one leg constantly, move at 1mph, squat for a full hour a day, each lasting 2 minutes. Wake up 3-4 times for the loo. Get restless legs during the night.

Take 1/2 hour typing a reply in a PD forum.

Take another 1/2 hour fixing typos and repeated letters.

Prior to my PD I went shopping with my mother--in-law who has OCD. She walked at 1mph carrying her Oxygen tank. Walking at her pace was so painful.

Even typing this I'm using back muscles that have nothing to do with the work i'm doing and me leg is exhausted.

I'm stuffed already and I've just woke up.

Night night everyone.



Hi John E and all,
I feel tiredness becoming more of an issue as time goes by.I think pd definitely plays a major part.The extra effort of trying to perform everyday tasks most people take for granted is tiring in itself.Add on top of that the stress of coping with the condition and the varying debilitating factors individual to each of us,theres no wonder.Thats even before the added side effect of medication.I think with the warmer days coming in,the tiredness factor will increase.As when you feel tired and start yawning in an over warm room.My eyes were growing heavy the other day talking to my father whilst visiting my Mother in the care home.He was wide awake(84 years old),i felt like lying down and falling sleep(46 years old).A bigger problem i find is i GET SO HOT,especially in this weather.As if i'm overheating,like a prolonged hot flush.I don't know if anybody else experiences the same.If you do please put my mind at rest.Anyway keep those fans on and eyes open.
All the best


Hi John,

I've got to say that I think it's both. With hindsight I believe unexplained fatigue was one of my first symptoms. I saw my stamina for any activity slowly reduce and I generally ached for no particular reason. I put it down to getting older at the time!

But when I started experiencing definite neurological symptoms, the effort and concentration required to do normal every-day things just increased the fatigue. That's just the nature of this particular vicious circle. Add to that the drowsiness that some medication can bring, "tired" just moves to a new dimension! I have been relatively lucky with my meds - low doses of amitriptyline (to help with pain and sleep) and Requip. Both meds made me drowsy for the first few weeks but now I'm fine with them.

For anyone out there who is taking LDN, has it helped with the general fatigue that goes with Parkinson's?

ian s

hi all
talking about tiredness,i told our lass i would wash the car yesterday while she was at work she only works round corner from where we live so i set too at 8 o'clock three hours later at 11 i finished now you might think from the time scale that we have stretch limo parked in the drive....nope just a zafira i could not believe it took so long [mind you i had to stand on a snail it was bugging me it kept following meLaugh out loud]and when i finished i felt like i had just done a 12hour night shift ian s


The tiredness is causing me more and more problems. I work full time and I used to do my housework on the weekend, but I need to rest completely on at least one day or I feel so exhausted the following week. Result is that all sorts of things are not getting done.

On Saturday we had friends visit and I raced around tidying the house (not very well) before they came. Result I was shattered by mid afternoon, feeling very sick and shaky, and I kept dozing off. Next time I am going to give in and go and have a nap.

It is things like this which makes the forum so helpful, knowing I am not the only one with the particular problem



Titan you mentioned feeling the heat, I can`t abide this hot weather either, It has been very hot today, all my windows and front and back doors open and my ceiling fan on.I still feel like a wet dishcloth. Is it a parky thing?
I felt awful tired and could`nt sleep on my last meds but found a big difference when they were changed,I can do a bit more house work now although it takes me longer.


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