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Welcome - getting started

Welcome to the Parkinson's UK forum.

Our forum community is here for people affected by Parkinson's. This includes people with Parkinson's, carers, friends and families.  Community members share information, experiences… and sometimes a virtual cup of tea.

If you're completely new to our forum, we're glad you found us! We've put together some information and tips before you get started on the forum.

Logging in and completing your community profile

  • To start posting on the forum, you'll first need to create a website account and then activate your community profile  
  • When you log in for the first time, you'll be given the option to personalise your account to show news and events that are of interest to you each time you log in. This is optional, and you can update these preferences any time in your Account settings.
  • To start using the forum you'll need to activate your community profile. You'll have the option to tell people a little about yourself, upload a picture and specify whether you want to be able to exchange personal messages with other community members.  You can do this in your Account settings and can update these details at any time.
  • Once you've done that, you're ready to start posting. Here's a few tips about how to get the best out of the forum.

A few things to remember

  • By signing up to the forum, you agree to our website terms of use. Please read these before you begin. If there's anything you don't understand, please contact us for more information. 
  • Now, be sure to review the forum rules. This sets out how we relate to each other on the forum. It is also a guide to how you can expect to be treated here. 
  • If you see a post that you feel breaches our rules, you can report it. You can do this by clicking the blue 'Report this post' link on the relevant post , or by emailing us at [email protected]

Next, introduce yourself. We're waiting to meet you

  • The Introductions and personal stories section of the forum gives new members an opportunity to introduce themselves and meet others. You can write a little about yourself and why you've joined the forum.
  • If you've been here for a while, and want to share some aspect of your life or your journey with Parkinson's, this space is also for sharing those stories.

See what others are talking about

You can see the ongoing conversations in a number of ways:

  • From the main forum page, you can see all the sections of the forum. Scroll down to see the latest post in each section. 
  • You can also view the latest posts in all sections by clicking on 'Active topics'

Ready to post more?

There are sections of the forum that deal with a range of topics including Treatments and therapies, Carers, friends and family and more.
Each have 'sticky' topics at the start that provide important information about each section and include links to other resources on this topic.

Abbreviations and acronyms

Here are some terms that are commonly used on the forum:

  • ASAP - as soon as possible
  • DA - dopamine agonist
  • dx - diagnosed
  • GP - general practitioner
  • ICB - impulsive and compulsive behaviour
  • OH - other half
  • meds - medicines, medication
  • neuro - neurologist
  • PD - Parkinson's disease
  • pls - please
  • PwP - people with Parkinson's
  • SN - substantia nigra

Any questions?