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Top tips for fundraising

Supporter holding a Parkinson's UK collection tin

If you're planning to fundraise for us, here are some of our top tips to ensure your event is a success.

  1. Get in touch with us.
    We can give you a fundraising pack or running fundraising pack, depending on your event, and lots of useful information and advice to help you plan for it. We can also provide you with other fundraising materials, such as banners and collecting tins.

  2. Set up an online fundraising page.
    Setting up an online fundraising page is a really simple way to boost your fundraising. We work with two websites; JustGiving and Virgin Money Giving. Both are easy to use but work slightly differently. Have a look at both and decide which one you prefer, then just follow the step by step instructions - it's a really easy way to start fundraising.

  3. Using paper sponsorship forms?
    Please use our official sponsorship form found in the fundraising pack. If you need extra forms, feel free to photocopy them or we can send you some more.
  4. Tell everyone what you're doing.
    Put posters up in your local area, tell your family, get in touch with local press (download our template press release - PDF, 32KB), Facebook your friends (post it on our Facebook page too) and spread the word.

    If you're planning to take part in a run we also have a specific running template press release (Word, 194KB).​
  5. Have fun, take lots of photos, be safe and make sure you enjoy yourself.
  6. Once you have finished fundraising, don't forget to send in your money and send back any banners and collecting tins so we can reuse them.
  7. Let us know how it went.
    We always love to see photos so please email them to us at [email protected] - or add them to our photo group on Flickr.
  8. Relax and recover… then do it all again!

Get in touch

For help with your fundraising, call us on 020 7963 9367 or email [email protected]