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This is Parkinson's

By Anders M. Leines

At the Mervyn Peake Awards 2016 exhibition, we collaborated with Anders M. Leines, a video producer and photographer from Norway who has Parkinson's.

Anders has developed a unique photography project called 'This Is Parkinson's', with the aim of raising awareness of the condition, busting stereotypes and challenging prejudices.

Diagnosed in 2010 at just 47, Anders' exhibition focuses on people with early-onset Parkinson's.

"The people I photographed are at the start of a long journey," he says.

"The overall aim for the exhibition is to showcase people's emotions and abilities - their self-respect and humour."

Watch the promo for 'This is Parkinson's'

See Anders' 'This is Parkinson's' photo project on Flickr.