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Taking control

Take control

Think positive

Louisa, who has Parkinson's, and her son Joe

Look for the positives and focus on what you can do.

Get informed

Shazia, who cares for her mum who has Parkinson's

Find out about Parkinson's, know your rights and make choices about your lifestyle, treatment and care.

Stay connected

Alka (middle) who has Parkinson's, walking with her husband and her friend

Make time for family and friends, and meet others with similar experiences.

Be active

Do things

Joe, who has Parkinson's, doing the gardening

Do whatever you enjoy to help you live life to the full.

Make plans

Paul, who has Parkinson's, writing at a desk

Set personal goals and make positive life changes to help you achieve your targets.

Be involved

Sophie, host of Party for Parkinson's in West Kirkby

Share your skills and make a difference, however big or small.

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