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Tahira and her family's story - caring for Ashiq

"For the first time I felt human because someone actually asked how I was."

We spoke to Tahira and her children about caring for Ashiq, her husband and the children's father.

As I was the main carer, I needed someone to talk to, and I didn't get that

Ashiq lived with Parkinson's for almost a decade. In 2013, he died suddenly from an undiscovered heart condition, unrelated to his Parkinson's.

Tahira didn't know about Parkinson's UK when her husband was diagnosed, and found caring for him a real challenge.

She gave us a brave and honest account of how looking after Ashiq impacted on her and her family.

We also spoke to Tahira's children about how they helped care for their father and what it was like to be young carers.

Tahira on caring for her husband

Tahira's children on being young Parkinson's carers