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Report a post

The forum team are here to help you get the most out of your time in the community. They can help signpost you to information and help with forum-related questions. If you think a post or a topic goes against the website terms of use or the forum rules, you can report it to the forum team.  

How to report a post

If you believe that a  post on the forum is inappropriate, you can report it to the forum team. The team will review the post in light of our terms of use and forum rules, and make a decision about whether it should remain.

  • To report a post you are concerned about, click on 'Report thread' or 'Report post' at the bottom of the relevant item. 
  • This will take you to a report form where you can tell us what you are concerned about. You don't need to add contact details as these will come through automatically.
  • The forum team will review post and, where appropriate, will edit or remove it.

Note: Where a post is reported by more than one member, the forum team will only write back to the first person reporting the post.

If you have a general enquiry that does not relate to a specific post, please email [email protected]