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Real life stories


What's life like with Parkinson's?

You'll find all sorts of stories from all sorts of people here.

Start with Paul's story, then browse below to hear about how people deal with the challenges of Parkinson's.

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Caz's story - making Christmas presents for Parkinson's UK


"It's my job to make myself and other people feel better."

Paul's story - Parkinson's doesn't have me

Paul learning to draw

"I was diagnosed with Parkinson's on 14 November 2010 at 9.45am. My life changed in minutes."

Tahira and her family's story - caring for Ashiq

Tahira and family

"For the first time I felt human because someone actually asked how I was."

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Ron's story - farming with Parkinson's

Ron, a farmer with Parkinson's

"I've been working since I was 16. I've had a fortnight off and apart from that I've just kept on going."

Anna's story - finding a job with Parkinson's

Anna, who has Parkinson's

"I just couldn’t imagine continuing life. What on earth would happen to me without a job?"

Kris's story - family and relationships


"I love them very much and they love me back and that's wonderful."

Emma's story - diagnosed at 29

Parkinson's makes me driven, it makes me creative, it makes me passionate about what I do. So actually it's something important to tell people about.

Emma Lawton
Emma Lawton

More real life stories

Louisa's story - what a Parkinson's cure would mean


"You just don’t know what’s round the corner, so you have to have a positive attitude about it."

Sharon's story - running a café helps my Parkinson's


"I decided I was going to be a bit more positive about my illness - try to do something about it."

Shamsa's story - diagnosed at 28


"Parkinson's is like a kaleidoscope and there's different colours and different shapes and sizes of people within in."