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Parkinson's UK logo guidelines

The Parkinson's UK logo is not just our name and strapline. It's an important part of our design because it tells people who we are and what we do. It expresses our can-do attitude.

'Change attitudes' in our strapline expresses our determination to improve understanding of Parkinson's and challenge misconceptions.

Our strapline - Change attitudes. Find a cure. Join us. - must always appear as part of the logo. 

2 versions of our logo

Long version on a single line

Parkinson's UK - long logo

This is the preferred version. It can be used in 2 formats:

  • on a 3 degree angle from horizontal, pointing upwards to the right
  • or on a 3 degree angle from vertical pointing downwards to the right

Stacked version spread over 4 linesParkinson's UK logo

Use this logo when there isn't enough space for the long logo, or when used alongside other logos.

It can only be used on a 3 degree angle, pointing upwards to the right.

Version of our logo for researchersParkinson's UK logo for researchers

Recipients of our research grants should use this logo on posters and other materials.

It can only be used on a 3 degree angle, pointing upwards to the right.

Download our logos

The artwork has been created so that the logos automatically appear at a 3 degree angle without the need for extra rotation.

If you're planning on using very large versions of our logos, please contact us at [email protected]

You will need to right click on the links below and save to your computer, before resizing.

Long version of Parkinson's UK logo (JPG, 878KB)

Stacked version of Parkinson's UK logo (JPG, 1.7MB)

Version of Parkinson's UK logo for researchers (PNG, 238KB)

Our logo can be used in black, or black and grey. But we prefer the black and cyan version so please use that as much as possible.

If you need our logo in a different image format or colour combination, or in Welsh - or you'd like to use it online - please email [email protected]

How to use our logo (English version)

Use our logo big and bold wherever possible - don't hide it away.

We want our logo to stand out. To ensure this happens make sure there is always clear space around it. We call this the exclusion zone. The size of the exclusion zone is based the width of the 'P' and the 'A' in Parkinson's, as shown. The exclusion zone is a minimum guide. Much more space should be left around the logo where possible.

Parkinson's UK stacked logo

Logo sizes

Try and use the logo in as large a size as possible.

On printed material, please stick to the following:

  • The long version should never appear smaller than 65mm across. This is for use on small items such as a pen.
  • The stacked logo should never appear smaller than 20mm across.