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For Parkinson's researchers

For Parkinson's researchers

3 Parkinson's researchers in a laboratory

We don't just fund groundbreaking Parkinson's research.

We're also working hard to support and nurture a flourishing Parkinson's research community in the UK and help you with every aspect of your research.

Supporting your Parkinson's research

Research funding

Growing cells in the lab

Our research grants provide support to scientists focusing on Parkinson's

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Picturing Parkinson's image competition

Picturing Parkinson's image competition for researchers

Enter our photography competition for researchers for the chance to win an iPad mini

What else is there for researchers?

Recruit participants to your study

A participant taking part in research with a healthcare professional

Work with us to find participants to take part in your study

Patient and public involvement

Researcher with patients

We can support you to involve people affected by Parkinson's in your work

Top 10 research areas

Members with hands in the air at our research conference in York in November 2014

Key areas of research to improve everyday life chosen by people affected by Parkinson's

Supporting you and your research

  • So far, we've invested over £80million in groundbreaking Parkinson's research
  • Parkinson's UK grantholders collaborate with colleagues on 5 out of 7 continents
  • Parkinson's UK funded researchers publish articles in over 150 journals
  • In 2015 Parkinson's UK-funded researchers received 22 prizes or other forms of recognition

Did you know?


Parkinson's UK is committed to involving people with Parkinson's in every area of our work and we encourage researchers to do the same.