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Our work to influence public policy

Benefits reform, the way care is funded, prescription charges and stem cell research are just a few of the ways in which public policy has a major impact on people with Parkinson's.

We take all appropriate opportunities to influence policy for the benefit of people living with the condition.

Involving people with Parkinson's

Our Policy Panel - made up of people with experience of Parkinson's - helps guide our position on many different issues.

Our policy statements are developed on the basis of discussions with people with Parkinson's and their carers, as well as health and social care professionals and other experts.

We regularly hold focus groups on key topics, where people can share their experiences and ideas.

A key forum is our Policy Panel, which meets quarterly to help guide our position on many different issues.

We also work with people with Parkinson's to bring their direct experiences to the attention of policy makers, in order to illustrate our messages as powerfully as possible.

Policy work in action

Improving policies towards the care, treatment and welfare of people with Parkinson's means working in a number of ways:

  • Meeting with Ministers, politicians and civil servants to raise key issues and influence policy appropriately and responding to relevant government consultations
  • Organising events in the UK Parliaments and Assemblies and during the party conference season to raise awareness and build support
  • Working with professional associations and decision makers in the NHS and social care to press for better standards of care
  • Forming alliances with other organisations to push for change
  • Commissioning research to build the evidence base and help influence policy direction

Current Parkinson's UK policy work

Read our policy statements to see what we believe about major public policy issues.

We need to be clear about what our opinion is on these issues, as unless we have a clear policy, we can't begin to campaign for change.

Certain policy areas are a real focus of our attention at the moment. These include:

Your views

Are you interested in contributing your views and experiences on policy issues?

Email [email protected] and let us know the areas you're particularly concerned about.